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  1. While the number of mods compatible with the final release is a lot less at the moment than during EA or Testing Branch... I had a save where I was running a BUNCH of QoL mods and when they would update, or I would enable them, the screen listing them all would be so long the buttons at the bottom would be entirely off the bottom of the screen, preventing me from actually activating the mods, even after restarting to activate them. If the pop-up window was fixed, and the mods list were scrollable, it would make it A LOT easier to run a lot of mods at a time. Note: HUD scaling doesn't affect/fix this issue
  2. LU Compatible Mods?

    I should have figured that. I've been using a BUNCH of QoL mods so I suppose I'll just have to be patient until I see them updated.
  3. Is there a way to tell which mods are actually compatible with the final (current) release of the game other than completely random trial and error? :/
  4. Mod Request: Functional Elevators

    Exactly! It would be so much easier to plan for!
  5. By the time we reach the surface we have Gravitas teasing us with forbidden technology. Why can't the Dupes have elevators, too? Sure, we do get transit tubes, which is a step up from ladders... but they can take up so much space. I feel like elevators could help bring the game to the next (tech) level. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised Klei didn't release them as an actual feature, already.
  6. Aaaahhhh!!!! The day is finally here! It's been amazing journey since Alpha... This game has become one of my all-time favorite games, and will continue to be. CONGRATS on officially launching, Klei!
  7. [Mod Request] Wood Floor Tiles

    With the addition of lumber, this just makes sense to have in the base game. Anything to help add more variety and allow more customization/specialization to designate specific rooms, I'm alll for.
  8. graveyard room type

    Oh. Duh! xD Why didn't I think of that?! That would actually be really helpful! aand, give us a reason to actually give our dupes a grave, other than the threat of Morb spawns.
  9. graveyard room type

    Mourning dead Dupes is a debuff, though... so.. what good, other than cosmetics, would a graveyard serve?
  10. jet suit toilets

    Those frost buns are gonna get mighty soggy... xD
  11. Haircut Machine

    I feel like this would lead down a rabbit hole of Dupe Hair eventually combating Reed Fiber as a more useful resource... Easier to let the dupes hair grow out than to ranch Dreckos... Hmm... maybe has a debuff of itchy, but still allows of the buffs clothes and suits give? XD
  12. [Game Update] - 347957

    Honestly.... I would want these Dupes! xD Imagine... a gene splicing update or something.. allowing to cross Dupes with Critters... I could see the benefits of this.
  13. While I don't know if Pips planting seeds and allowing us to have wild, natural, farms is an intended feature (that won't get patched in a future update), I am curious if anyone has found a proper way to utilize these lil guys to establish sustainable "wild" farms? I know that domesticated plants yield quicker.. but with the addition of Parks, I feel like this method of farms could serve a decent purpose.
  14. Achievements

    IT's a little confusing.... there's STEAM achievements... and IN GAME achievements... There's currently only 2 STEAM achievements implemented... while there's a bunch of IN GAME achievements in the Summary Tab. The IN GAME achievements should be Save File specific... but the STEAM achievements should be a 1-time achievement.
  15. Not even 10 days into my current save and the achievement was awarded to me, too.
  16. Achievements

    I feel like a reset button would be unnecessary. Having the achievements be tied to save files seems like a better distinction; automatically resetting per save.
  17. Ugly Criers

    While this change makes logical sense -- and I like that it could semi-nerf farming fresh water from ugly criers -- what practical sense would this make, gameplay wise? What use does salt water ACTUALLY serve in the overall gameplay that adding another source of it would benefit from? (genuinely curious)
  18. Pips - Useful or Nuisance?

    I haven't gotten deep enough in the tech tree, in my current game, to test our ranching on them... are they trappable? Tameable? Do the critter dropoffs work with them? Do they excrete anything useful while consuming lumber? Scrolling through comments on various threads I've found little, or conflicting, information on this kind of stuff.. and I refuse to use cheats to find out such simple things.
  19. a mini bar in the Break Room would be perfect for de-stressing Dupes during their downtime. Additionally, adding Alcoholic, or Sober (something like that), to the traits.. allowing for the over-consumption, or never touching the stuff.
  20. Challenge accepted! xD
  21. I'm a little curious how exactly this works... What exactly triggers the "Victory condition"..? and... what defines "rescuing" the entire colony? The dupes continuously print out.. so..
  22. alarm sensor

    This Mod does exactly what you're looking for.
  23. dlc expectetions

    I love this idea. It also reminds me of a previous thought of having "indigenous tribes" randomly spawned inside the asteroid. A tribe you would encounter and there could be two outcomes... you could become enemies, wipe them out (or be wiped out, depending on differing abilities and capabilities to defend), or you could coexist, maybe even join forces... they could join your colony, and offer up special research, skills, items, etc. that you couldn't obtain otherwise. One idea I've liked, but not too sure if it fits with the overall game, would be.... android/robot Dupes. ROBOT DUPES: obtained by late-to-near-end-game research require high level skills in order to operate the machines to build them (and spare parts/limbs) help with exploring, excavating in areas that would normally be hazardous or life threatening to your Dupe, even with an atmosuit or Jetpack. Instead of their need to food, they need routine maintenance. (helps balance life cycle longevity) Slower than dupes, but can carry significantly larger amounts of items. Can gain speed, and other, "upgrades" overtime. (i.e. their version of "skills.") Wouldn't need a bed to sleep in but, a charging station, instead. Alternatively, we could have Android, or Cyborg, dupes.. Injured dupes, whose injuries are too severe have the option of getting a robotic replacement limp (pending, they were in stock) Robotic eyes - don't need light to see, and gain no debuff from darkness. Robotic arms - strength boost. Able to carry more items, faster digging speed, faster building. Robotic legs - speed boost. Dupe travel speed is significantly increased. And so on... After so many operations, the Dupe would be more machine than Dupe.. and the Robot aspects would apply.
  24. more room types

    At the very least, the Kitchen really SHOULD give them a buff. It' a high traffic area, where an assigned dupe will spend a lot of their time..
  25. dlc expectetions

    When I've spawned them in, before.. they were very aggressive toward the dupes. Though, I think.. passive unless attacked. It's been a while so I don't recall all the effects they had. It was also dangerous to actual kill them.