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  1. Aaaahhhh!!!! The day is finally here! It's been amazing journey since Alpha... This game has become one of my all-time favorite games, and will continue to be. CONGRATS on officially launching, Klei!
  2. [Game Update] - 347957

    Honestly.... I would want these Dupes! xD Imagine... a gene splicing update or something.. allowing to cross Dupes with Critters... I could see the benefits of this.
  3. Not even 10 days into my current save and the achievement was awarded to me, too.
  4. [Game Update] - 277680

    This is the best crash fix I have ever read so far. xD
  5. Cosmic Upgrade Available Now! - 273433

    (re: animated short) Can critters use transit tubes, now?! That seemed more than just a funny gimmick...
  6. Air pumps required reload to register automation system connected

    Sorry, I should have specified better. That IS the place I was having the issue. I built the system fully, then I wired it up with automation. After finishing automation, both mini pumps continued to pump, despite automation sending them a signal to be disabled. I saved and reloaded the game, and the pumps immediately stopped and were disabled by automation.
  7. After building automation for my temp/pressure system (using debug) for my Greenhouse, the mini air pumps continued to pump air despite automation not sending an activation signal. After reloading the save file, the mini pumps connected and registered to/with the automation setup. Spacecamp.sav
  8. [Game Update] - 253205

    Automation is requiring a reload before it registers with the systems it's hooked up to. May just be happening with connecting to mini air pumps, but I'm not 100% if others are affected or not.
  9. I was hoping it would get answered in the stream.... but, what do the "smart" items do? what's the perk to having/using them?
  10. The Ore Transfer Arm has a wide area around it that it will pick up ores from the ground and deliver them to the conveyor... then another Transfer Arm can deliver from the Outbox to storage containers. No need for dupes to do it. (:
  11. It could just as easily be me not understanding just how to use the Cell Painter - Debug tool, but when I set a specific temp, and go to paint a region, the second I let go, the entire game freezes and crashes within the same second.