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  1. While the number of mods compatible with the final release is a lot less at the moment than during EA or Testing Branch... I had a save where I was running a BUNCH of QoL mods and when they would update, or I would enable them, the screen listing them all would be so long the buttons at the bottom would be entirely off the bottom of the screen, preventing me from actually activating the mods, even after restarting to activate them. If the pop-up window was fixed, and the mods list were scrollable, it would make it A LOT easier to run a lot of mods at a time. Note: HUD scaling doesn't affect/fix this issue
  2. LU Compatible Mods?

    I should have figured that. I've been using a BUNCH of QoL mods so I suppose I'll just have to be patient until I see them updated.
  3. Is there a way to tell which mods are actually compatible with the final (current) release of the game other than completely random trial and error? :/
  4. Mod Request: Functional Elevators

    Exactly! It would be so much easier to plan for!
  5. Aaaahhhh!!!! The day is finally here! It's been amazing journey since Alpha... This game has become one of my all-time favorite games, and will continue to be. CONGRATS on officially launching, Klei!
  6. [Game Update] - 347957

    Honestly.... I would want these Dupes! xD Imagine... a gene splicing update or something.. allowing to cross Dupes with Critters... I could see the benefits of this.
  7. Not even 10 days into my current save and the achievement was awarded to me, too.
  8. Mod Request: Functional Elevators

    Really, though.. it doesn't make much sense to have them in game but not have them functional.
  9. Mod Request: Functional Elevators

    It's more about the transit tubes that take up so much space, and you can't build anything else on top of them. It all adds up.
  10. Mod Request: Functional Elevators

    Background buildings. I mean, if you look at the current ones in the Gravitas facility.. it's just two doors. There would, theoretically, be elevator shafts.. but those shouldn't affect building locations as those are usually built inside walls (i.e. background buildings). The dupe enters one, the doors close, and then they exist the doors of another floor. I'm not sure how pathing would work, but I imagine it would be similar to how they enter and exit transit tube access.. or any other way to traverse floors. The transit tube access is 3x2, where as the elevators are 2x3... Takes up less space on the floor, and you don't have to make extra room for transit like you do the tubes.
  11. By the time we reach the surface we have Gravitas teasing us with forbidden technology. Why can't the Dupes have elevators, too? Sure, we do get transit tubes, which is a step up from ladders... but they can take up so much space. I feel like elevators could help bring the game to the next (tech) level. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised Klei didn't release them as an actual feature, already.
  12. I'm incredibly proud to have been part of this games journey since Alpha/Thermal. Thank you for creating a game I've invested nearly 300+ hours in to, and enjoyed every second. Good luck with the final updates, and the official launch! I can not wait to see the future success of this game.
  13. [Game Update] - 277680

    This is the best crash fix I have ever read so far. xD
  14. Cosmic Upgrade Available Now! - 273433

    (re: animated short) Can critters use transit tubes, now?! That seemed more than just a funny gimmick...
  15. Air pumps required reload to register automation system connected

    Sorry, I should have specified better. That IS the place I was having the issue. I built the system fully, then I wired it up with automation. After finishing automation, both mini pumps continued to pump, despite automation sending them a signal to be disabled. I saved and reloaded the game, and the pumps immediately stopped and were disabled by automation.