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  1. There is no need to move anything other then sweep it
  2. You have to build them upside down for PP, it is a hanging plant. I scrapped the BB farm for now to post a screen, but they worked perfectly well there either.
  3. You are not a first one to report that. Though I can say I never encountered that. Though I cant remember if i ever built irrigation from "up". Either a straight line through, or from "bottom" , never encountered this problem. btw: I suppose you checked the tile for storage? If you used it previously for different irrigation, you have to deconstruct it. "Empty building" is not working right now.
  4. Sure it works as a floor. No idea why they don't build it based on provided info.
  5. On the topic of Pincha Pepperplant, this seems to get an excellent yield quickly - except the rightmost plant. And not counting the effect ratio bug, hope they fix that one after weekend. Temperature switches below 58 °C, keeps it effectively in Ideal temperature.
  6. No, that is intended to be stored there, because grain can rot. The problem here is, that it does not get it's category, because when it discovered, it put the category only to storage compactor and not the fridge too.
  7. If the temperature is ideal, sure. Especially on natural growth, because it takes longer, so the plant has more time to gather the points.
  8. Honestly, it could use some tweaks and balancing because right now I see only 2 cases where you want to go excelent - BB if you need more seeds and PP everytime, because of it's low harvest and high lifecycle. You'd need 5 plants/duplicant for recipes with 1 nut, excelent slashes that in half.
  9. Yes it was removed. Nothing changed mechanically, they need 1000 kcal per cycle, just as before.
  10. I usually just spam then in a cold biome Strength in numbers Long term it might need a a room and a cooling setup and in that case you can probably reach a Good harvest even with planter box, if you manage to keep the Ideal temperature.
  11. It really is not as it is now. You can get (almost) the same harvest by simply tripling the amount Planter boxes AND you don't have to run around with the fertilizer.
  12. I'll stand over there in the corner In my defense I just returned from a book exhibition and my attention is still spinning around
  13. Probably start to unlearn that, with update coming in four days, that will make that strategy totally unusable.
  14. I hope for fixing the determinism of simulation.