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  1. Liqued/Gas Splitter

    glad you like the idea hope others might like it too ^^
  2. Liqued/Gas Splitter

    i surpose that works but i was just giving out an example for what the splitter could be used for, not that this was the only reason for it to be made it was an example but thank you for your suggestion on how i could do this with valves, its nice to see friendly people, hope you still like my idea tho, this was more or less an idea for more then just hydrogen :3
  3. Liqued/Gas Splitter

    thats kinda the idea of a splitter to split 50-50 regardless of the amount of fluid or gas that goes in to it so that you dont have to make a rough estimet with the valves but i get your point its rather easy to make a "splitter" using valves but the idea was to make it a 50-50 split no matter the input. no not exactly, but i have had many times where i want my hydrogen gass to be split between my hydrogen generators but hated that it was switching between first left then right then left then right... sometimes id like it to split if 50-50 so that they both ran at the same time at all times instead of the whole "oh now the hydrogen only goes left but there is no more comming atm and cus of that no more power goes to... bla bla bla.." you get the idea and well i just thought of this idea and thought maybe others like it too, but yeah its just an idea nothing more really :3
  4. The idea of this build is to have a splitter that has 1 input and 2 outputs the splitter then splits the gas or liqued in to half its mass to two directions for example: 100g Oxygen goes in to the splitter 50g goes left 50g goes right, this allows you to pretty much get an even level of gas or liqued to equepments or machines how ever you like it or areas of the base either way i personaly think this could be a pretty cool idea, it can work for both Gas, Liqued or Items with the use of transport belts, liqued pips and gas pips.
  5. [Challange] Male VS Female

    the dubs are shown as M and F or X in the "Gender:" tag under the Bio. i just called it after that, as for the X "Gender:" its a choice for the player to put them on either Base 1 or Base 2 really... the idea of the "challange" was to put all F in right and all M in left and all the X's you can put either but once they in 1 base they locked to that base... that was the whole general idea of this "Challange" its meant to be some kinda fun idea but i appriciate your input.
  6. [Challange] Male VS Female

    so you mean like have a door between the two factions and let the X gender go to each faction?
  7. [Challange] Male VS Female

    i dont know i just thought it sounded right XD
  8. [Challange] Male VS Female

    - Message Removed -
  9. [Challange] Male VS Female

    I setup a challange for people who wanna try it out. Things i done in this save: I changed the world size from 200 to 500 I added 6 random dubs so i got no clue if there stats are good or bad 3 males and 3 females. I used some map changing settings from the workshop and added one biome my self. The workshop item i used: Rules: - The map is ment to be split in two keep a wall up that is marked between the two zones, try to make sure the wall is build up at all times to keep the two factions seperated. - Males and Females must be seperated you can see the gender of a dub by going in to there BIO If a character is marked with X in gender it means you can pick if they go Female or Male. - Sharing is allowed you can trade gas, water, resourses and items between the factions using the respectable transports such as pips, wire, pumps etc... (See example pictures) - Use the sandbox mod only in the start to spawn in new dubs that you rather want then the once you got if there bio and stats are terrable for what you need, else keep the sandbox mod OFF. (This only applies to the 6 started dubs i spawner in to make the save file.) - Do not break or change the blocks or buildings of the starting area, the doors must be auto at all times and the isolated tiles are not allowed to be removed it would only ruin the challange by having tons of oxygen in the start. How to install save: 1. download the file. 2. go to Documents > Klei > OxygenNotIncluded > save_files 3. Paste in the file. 4. Done. 5. Start game. 6. Enjoy. If you break any of the rules you ruin the challange 1st Map: VS Female.sav?dl=0 2nd Map: VS Female 2.sav?dl=0 3rd Map: VS Female 3.sav?dl=0 4th Map: VS Female 4.sav?dl=0 If there is any problems or issues with the maps let me know please <3 THANK YOU! My 1st attempt on the 1st map [OLD VERSION]: Update 1.1: - Fixed lack of starting food - Fixed oxilite being to cold - Fixed the doors being open for both sides Update 1.2: - Changed the tiles from being tiles to isolated tiles - Added 2nd map Update 1.3: - Fixed the biomes not spawning correctly - Removed Organic biome. - Added Metal, Artificial, Atmosphere, Crystal and Hydrocarbon biomes and made them work. - Changed Artificial Biome. - Added maps: 3 and 4 - Replaced Map 1 - Still working on Map 2 Pictures: