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  1. Can't wait to play Oxygen Not Included.

  2. Wont Open

    Hopefully so! It looks SOO fun. I can't even wait (of course, though, I'll have to). For now, I GUESS I have to settle for watching the videos that are on youtube.
  3. Wont Open

    So what you're saying is maybe once its out of alpha it will function correctly unless I (or the devs) fix it somehow. Either way, I just have to wait longer to play the game. However, it's starting to look like I basically just pre-ordered the full game. (I bought it but I can't play it yet )
  4. Wont Open

    Using windows 7 currently. Will try installing C++
  5. Wont Open

    Well, I tried opening the game through steam library instead of the desktop icon. I tried reinstalling the game. Also, I checked, double-checked, and triple-checked my computer requirements. Idk what else to do.
  6. Wont Open

    Yes, that is correct. I bought the game via steam.
  7. Wont Open

    Tried re-installing. And according to the requirements on the store page I should be fine.. thx tho
  8. Wont Open

    crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  9. The exact same thing happens to me.
  10. Wont Open

    The game will not open. It's as simple as that. When I click on the icon on my desktop the screen lags for a second and then a menu pops up saying that the game has crashed and where the crash info. is saved. However, I heard, what I can only assume is the start-up menu music. I have the required software according to the store page, so I know that cannot be the problem. I just bought the alpha copy for 20 bucks please don't tell me it's just broken... I tried several times just in case this was just an unlucky circumstance and each time the game crashed. However, if I waited long enough, my screen would flash white, then turn black, and I'd have to turn to my trusty task manager to close the program.