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  1. pipe contains 10kg of water but after the filter only produces 3kg what happens to the other 7kg?
  2. currently running my o2 through a cooler and into my farm temp dropped from 29 to 22 in the room.
  3. i have had similar issues when ive locked doors to prevent them going to contaminated areas, path shows them wanting to pick up a resource in the room but dupe just stands there at the door suffocating and wont repath or move when commanded to.
  4. surely the heat should dissipate over time, and how are you meant to keep track of what temp materials are dug from?
  5. i dont understand why a shower emits 70+ degrees when water temp is only 30, there is no power connected to a shower so its not heated and 70 degrees would burn the skin. Also replaced tiles with insulated tiles to reduce temp transmit ion to my mealwood farm and the insulated tiles give off more heat than ordinary tiles 40 degrees in some cases when air temp is only 25-30? i have also noticed decor items seem to give off weird temps 25-40 degrees with no real heat sources around to heat them up i have tried rebuilding them to see if it bugged or something but didn't work insulated gas pipes have the same problem the pipe comes from the gas filter at 30 degrees but then magically hits 50 and goes right back down to 25. temp issues.docx
  6. when digging algae that says there is 160kg it only produces 84kg also the white text doesnt include KG it just says 80 algae. Algae issue.docx
  7. my game has started to lag with 8 people at cycle 19, checked my computer and cpu is only at 50% capacity, intel i5 and gtx 970 with 8gb ram and a solid state hard drive. closed and restarted game and worked ok? anyone else had similar lag issues? and i did try all the speed settings all lagged, pause and un-pause didnt solve the problem either. the same thing happened on my 7 year old laptop but thought it couldn't handle the game so tested it on my new pc (above) same thing happened. but since the restart on the new pc havent had any issues and colony is much bigger.
  8. duplicant got stuck within 2 tall tile floor and died as couldn't deconstruct in time to save him.