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  1. If it was rotting food, then my food supply would have never reached beyond 50kcal considering some have been inside the ration box since cycle 40 and some were just recently produced in cycle 61. I am not in thermal update preview.
  2. As I ventured into Cycle 65, I noticed the food shortage hazard. I was confused because it surpassed 100kcalories in cycle 64, and since the beginning, I set the ration of each duplicant to 1,200kcal. That gives me a loss of -10kcal a day, but overall the net gain is consistently on a positive side. At least 90kcalories were stored in the ration box on Cycle 64. Photos: Cycle 64 shows a save file twenty minutes before the bug occurred and 62 is an hour before. Cycle 65 shows the food produced after the bug.