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  1. Hey ! During my game i was confronted to a bug including one of my replicant falling through the ground. What happened is i was connecting 2 water holes by diging beetween them and one of my duplicant was on a block right on the ground level. But when another of my duplicant broke the block my duplicant fell with the falling animation and everything and glitched through the ground finding himeself entombed. I can't really explain the setup anymore i wasn't really paying attention more than that. I sceened the moment after while he was still entombed and dug him out of here right after (he was suffocating)
  2. First of all sorry if my english is bad it isn't my native language. So i listed few bugs i had during my games but maybe it isn't it's just the things that seemed strange that i noticed. - After running the game for 2 hours my game crashed during the second day of my colony (fresh new game). At the exact moment of the crash my 3 duplicants were peeing themself and the produce of their mistake was mixing with a big hole full of fresh water. - After 6 hours of gameplay and multiple alt+tab the game started slowing and i dropped to 15fps (not really a bug but better be sure) - While reloading a saved game the gaz takes strange patterns (like straights lines goings throught the rooms) for as long as i don't stop the pause - While reloading a saved game every machine got the unplug icon that disapear when i stop the pause - While reloading a saved game every gaz filters reset and i have to set them again (didn't try with the liquid one) - Gaz pump was pumping permanently and consuming energy but no gaz went in the pipes (it worked again when i removed it and then replaced it). Didn't find a reason to this it just stopped working. - Bottom left case of a gaz pump wasn't refilling with gaz even when the room was full of it making the pump idle (reworked when went back to menu and reloaded the file). Didn't find a reason to this it just stopped working. - One duplicant was jumping up and down from a 2 cases wall without reason and didn't appear idle (i had to force a movement from him to see him get back to work) - Two duplicants were not moving in the middle of a ladder next to a scealed door and started working again when i forced a movement from them (there were ressources behind the door so i assumed it was the reason of the bug) This is it for my list i hope it will be of any help !