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  1. I have just found a bug in the water filters. I set a filter onto a liquid pipe bringing water into my base, planning to use it to separate clean and contaminated water into two different steams so I could use the same pipe. However, I noticed a problem. The water flow on the inbound pipe was just fine until it hit the filter. But on the other side of the filter... well... the intake pipe was running quickly. But the filter was only OUTPUTTING water at about 1/3 the rate, the rest of the water being taken in by the filter disappearing into the void. It was fully powered and supplied but watching in water view showed the fluid being consumed by the filter and not put back out at anything like the rate. This is either a graphical bug and the water is not being moved that fast or, mor seriously for gameplay, the machine is bugged and truly is destroying most of the fluid going into it. Whichever it is, it does need looking into. =/ Also, as a note, I tried this with one filter and three filters in parallel trying to increase throughput, in both cases the filters appeared to be destroying most of the water pumping into them. I also spent three hours trying to create a clean testing layout to try to discover more... the base never stabilised enough to get the test set up. Oh well. XD Other than that though, I am having a blast with this title. And apart from it crashing the program whenever I try to exit it I have not found any other bugs so far. ^^