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  1. Oh hello there Klei! Just thought I'd stop by, 2 years later, to see the news about GAME BREAKING BUGS in this old classic. Yep, the bug is still there. No response from the devs. Unsuspecting new players are still reporting corrupted saves for all sorts of reasons. I even saw a response from a dev in one thread saying they'll look into it
  2. Since the last patch 1.08 for the PS4 the season glitch is still in effect, but slightly different. I've tried this multiple times in a RoG/Shipwrecked-linked world with the same results each time. Entering a cave/volcano for the "first" time skips a few seasons. For example, spring to winter, winter to autumn, autumn to winter. Going in the same cave again after this doesn't cause any more season skips. However, this bug RESETS when you enter the Seaworthy! @Wade I appreciate the development teams effort to fix the bugs and the game has improved for me since the last patch. But, this annoying bug in particular has not been entirely fixed despite your previous claim in another thread. Please continue to fix the bugs. Thank you.
  3. I found a workaround if other console players experience this issue. Jump worlds and rush the statue without saving and exiting beforehand. What seems to cause the bug is saving and exiting the RoG world and I've tried the following scenarios: Rushing without saving works. You'll get the blueprint. Rushing the statue, getting the blueprint and then saving and exiting without reading it. Upon loading the game the blueprint will be gone from the inventory. Get to the statue without destroying it, save and exit. Loading the game will result in you not receiving the blueprint when you mine the statue. Get the blueprint in your inventory and merge this world from Shipwrecked with the Seaworthy. Digging up the grave results in a crash. See the attached screenshot for the error message. Hope it helps!
  4. In my RoG world linked with Shipwrecked the Glommer statue only drops 3 marble. I've tried this multiple times with the same result...
  5. I’ve used the seaworthy a few times before to hop between worlds, but the last time it crashed the game. I was on day 596 in Shipwrecked but the save now says survival 513 and it crashes every time I try to load it. Luckily I backed up the save just before using the seaworthy. However, every time I try to go into RoG the game crashes and the save is once again corrupted. So my character is now stuck in Shipwrecked. The attached image is something I've seen 2/8 times before crashing when I reproduced the bug. Maybe that's where the game tries to spawn in my character in RoG, causing the crash/corruption?
  6. I recently got Shipwrecked and RoG for the PS4 and I've been encountering this bug as well. Every time I enter a cave or the volcano the game skips the current season and it really is quite game breaking. From this thread I see that the bug has been around for 8 months now and that this report has sat here for 1 whole month without any recognition from the developers. How?! Fix your game Klei!