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  1. @frane555 I think that depends on what genre of game you prefer. I like invisible inc better but I know that I tend to like turn based games. I suggest looking up reviews and game footage on youtube to help you make your decision,
  2. Dupe Art

    @ExtollerOfTrolls I modeled them off my sister and I. I thought about making the color of my dupe's clothing blue because my favorite color is blue and her's is red, but adding blue was making my character too much of a center of attention because there was no other blue in the picture so I ended up making all the clothing red.
  3. Dupe Art

    @ExtollerOfTrolls They are sisters I should really log in more often...
  4. Dupe Art

    @DragonMage156 I'm looking forward to that too. Although the theremin this week was pretty great. @minespatch Yep its a hatch and thank you.
  5. Dupe Art

    I drew this about a month ago when the rhymes with play art stream with the dupe drawing came out. I'm not sure why I didn't think to upload it then, but here it is now.
  6. Show Us Your Colony

    Still on my first base currently at 29 cycles. Lost one dupe to a hutch.
  7. So I played for a few hours then I saved and exited quickly and this happened. Not sure what caused it, but I loaded my file and went back to the main menu and it was fine again.
  8. I noticed this as well. They don't seem to have a clear idea of which is the shortest path.
  9. I had this happen once as well. The title being constructed was the only way he could get to his next job.
  10. I had this happen once as well.
  11. Game Crashes on Startup

    Since I'm running on windows 7 I don't think I can allocate more video memory. My laptop is probably just to old to play this game. It works fine on my desktop computer though.
  12. Upon starting the game it crashed and told me to send in this error report. I'm wondering if my old laptop does not have a new enough video card to play it. I will install on my newer more powerful desktop later today and try again. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt