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  1. Certainly. I have since found out a way to resolve this and i think i know what causes the issue: If the water pump is below the shower, it doesn't work. Which I assume is a bug, since i live on the second floor and my shower works fine If it is a feature it should be mentioned somewhere. Please give my best to the team, nice game you guys built there The Not-So Serene Fortress.sav
  2. Additional info: -shower doesn't work regardless of it is hooked up to a water purifier or vent -When the shower is in use and hovered over it show "not pumping, seems that it is not recieving water packaged properly.
  3. My Duplicates do not shower to completion. The shower is hooked up properly, takes in fresh water and expells waste, but the duplicates will only go in for seconds at a time, advance the progress bar about 1/8 and then leave again, retaining the "grime" and "dirty hands" debuff. Have this issue on every savegame. Lavaratory is working fine.