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  1. I'll repost what I said in another thread: I wish they'd take advantage of how ocean combat differs from land combat instead of trying to shoehorn the way you fight on land into an ocean encounter. Here's an idea: what if you could ram into their boat to stun them? They would become un-stunned when you hit them but it would offer enough time to 1v1 a few of them before the stun effect wears off on the group. Or maybe they could make it so that they have collision with each other such that if one monkey is standing on the edge of your boat, it blocks the rest from jumping onto your boat. I like this one because it rewards being able to consistently kite monkeys without letting them move. If you mistime the dodge and they advance further up on your boat then more will be able to jump on. Of course, they would have to change it so that they can't hit you from their boat while you're standing on your own. Or maybe if you have an ocean fish with you on your inventory, you could drop it into the water and they'd get distracted by it like hounds and try to fish it out (much like how they already try to steal your items.) This one is more of a crazy idea, but since we're just spitballing: They could make it so you can right click a part of the ocean with the ice staff to freeze it and make a platform. You could aim it to be between your boat and the pirates' boat and it could give you more space to fight. And if it feels like any of these would make it too easy, remember they can always increase the amount that spawn. If it were up to me, I would prefer them to implement all of these then either buff the monkeys or make more appear. The reason is because I want there to be multiple options to deal with them. One of the reasons I think it's so poorly implemented now is because you more or less only have one option, and in any other part of the game that option is reserved for when you haven't mastered the enemy yet in most cases.
  2. I was also thinking of ways they could use the unique sailing mechanics to make the combat more enjoyable. Maybe something like if you ram into their boat it'll stun each them for several seconds until attacked, giving you time to pick off one or two of them in a one on one until the rest recover.
  3. My biggest issue with these raids is how there was no consideration given to how combat at sea differs from land. If they want a sea version of hound waves that's fine, but you have to at least change it so it works with boating. As is it's like they tried to fit a square peg into a circular hole. Hound waves reward you for being skilled in some way: either by fighting (knowing how to kite multiple out of sync enemies, taking advantage of when they stop to bark, killing the ice/fire ones first to disorient the others, maybe knowing when it will be good to face tank a few hits here and there if you're short on time) or by having game knowledge (knowing they get distracted by wildlife easily or bringing them near water so they have to stop to slowly doggy paddle) or preparation. As is, pirate raids leave no room for any of this. You can't kite them, you can't make them interact with the environment like hounds, you can pretty much do nothing but tank them. You can offer them or a banana or be wonkey, but neither of those things are on nearly the same level of what you can do with hounds - they're just gimmicks at best. Where's the opportunity for growth or skill expression? The reason this is such a big issue is that a big part of the fun in this game is learning how to deal with enemies so that you don't have to face tank them. The worst part is that they already learned this when they put hound waves at sea. Why repeat the same mistake? You could argue that they aren't intended to be the sea version of hound attacks because it looks like they're intended to defend a certain area, but I don't think that changes my point. Look at the ruins for example; they are intended to be hard to get to, but skilled players can easily get there without taking any damage, which is good design if you ask me. Here's an idea for a start: if the island is intended to be guarded, how about the monkeys use the machine scrap on their island to set up security lights in the water surrounding the island in the same radius as the raids currently are? They would rotate and project lights on the water that you have to sail around otherwise you get caught and raided. There could also be other obstacles around like barrels that explode if you run into them. Not only is this solution more fitting for pirates but it solves the other major problem I have with raids which is that there's no way of knowing where you're liable to get raided until it happens. This is yet another thing that punishes new players for no reason. How are they even supposed to know that it only happens in a designated section of the ocean unless they somehow managed to find the island? I'm tired of playing with people who are new to the game only for them to quit out of frustration for good reason. This mantra that the game should be uncompromising needs to either die or be reinterpreted -- there's a big difference between being hard and being fair. There's nothing fair about being raided by pirates when there is absolutely no indication whatsoever that it might happen. There is nothing different about the section of the sea where it can happen - no marks, no barrels, no warning, nothing. Imagine being a new player and dying to a raid for the first time - there is nothing present in the game that leaves room for you to be able to say "oh that's on me, I should have known or been able to piece that together." This is how you do hard but fair. At least hound raids and deerclops/bearger give you something, some room where you could conceivably have thought that. As a side note, this is the reason why I applaud klei for making changes like having a tab just for winter/summer/spring weather items. It at least gives them some inkling of how to survive those seasons in an intuitive way and is a big step in the right direction if you ask me.
  4. Yes, it caps at 90 degrees. More furnaces/stars gives you diminishing returns though, so it's up to you how many you want to use. (Tested on day 25) 3 furnaces: 77.2 degrees 3 furnaces + star: 81.6 degrees 4 furnaces: 82.4 degrees 4 furnaces + star: 86.1 degrees In both cases it adds roughly 4 degrees, which during winter translates to the stone lasting an extra 20 seconds longer before going cold.
  5. You really think that it's "quite a stretch" that a chef character in a videogame gets more out of his dishes than a non chef? It makes sense narratively because there's precedent (I don't think it matters that there is an exception consisting of one single dish), and it makes sense gameplay wise for the exact reason this thread exists.
  6. Because they're not just thunder powers, they're thunder powers conferred by eating a dish. Warly is the only character who is a chef, so it makes sense that he can appreciate the dish more than other characters. I know it's technically not DST, but Warly does get more benefits from crockpot dishes in SW than other characters, so I don't think it's a stretch at all. I wouldn't worry about this. Klei generally does a pretty good job at listening to the players. Since we are a minority, if they removed the portal there would be enough backlash that they would reverse the decision.
  7. As I said to ArubaroBeefalo, I agree with that and hadn't considered it when making the suggestion. I'm currently toying with the idea of making it so Chaud-Froid and maybe spices are more effective when eaten by Warly but I'm not sure exactly by how much. It's a tough line to draw because you want it to be high enough that he's not used as a swap character anymore, but not so high that he's overpowered. What do you think?
  8. Hence why I said the other suggestion is probably better.
  9. First of all, I would appreciate it if you could drop the needless hostility from all your comments. I don't know where it's coming from as I've been nothing but respectful and straightforward. If I had to guess, it sounds like you've argued with a lot of people who don't like that Warly is a swap character and want to make changes at the expense of the people who don't care. Which is fair, I would be frustrated too. But I'm not one of those people. If I can't think of a reasonable solution that doesn't come at the expense of other people, I will just accept that I'm in the minority and move on. I would still think it is a design flaw, but I wouldn't advocate for the character to be changed. Does that sound fair? Second, you raise a good point. I hadn't considered that these changes would also make using buffs cumbersome for the Warly player. Point taken. I think this is a pretty good idea, but I also think it would only work if they had more effectiveness on Warly rather than lasting longer.
  10. It's right above the second suggestion: "The first solution (and if I'm being honest probably the better one) is that you can no longer bundle Chaud-Froid, the waterproof dish, or any dishes that have seasoning." There are 2 differences: first, you have to make his dishes/spices everytime you want to use them rather than mass produce them once and maybe never have to again. Second, you have to time it so you are ready to go and do the thing you want to use the dishes/spices soon after swapping so they don't spoil (which, depending on what you want to use them for, could be really hard.) He still has team support, he still has interesting perks, you can still enjoy his perks solo but only as him, you can still minmax speedkill toadstool (you just have to be more committed), everyone wins.
  11. How does making Warly no longer a swap character make him less interesting? Not everyone feels that way. And before you say "just because you feel that way doesn't mean everyone does" I would repeat my previous point (which is fine, I obviously don't expect you to read posts I made replying to other people): This is a win-win. The people who don't care aren't affected in any way, and the people who are bothered by it are satisfied. Oh, THIS is why you thought I was arguing to make him less interesting. I can assure you I don't want to get rid of character switching or support characters. I have two possible solutions in mind and I'd love to hear what you think about them: The first solution (and if I'm being honest probably the better one) is that you can no longer bundle Chaud-Froid, the waterproof dish, or any dishes that have seasoning. The second is that characters who aren't Warly cannot eat Chaud-Froid, but they can be force-fed it by Warly. If I cannot think of any solutions that satisfy both sides, then I will 100% concede this argument to you since that is what my argument hinges on.
  12. Just to be clear, I do not think that everyone does or should play like that. This is naturally an issue that veterans are more likely to care about (which is not to say that all veterans do care about it.) Again, just to be clear, what I'm saying is unfun is the act of unpacking the materials you set aside, turning them into chaud-froid, putting ingredients and spices into a spicer and waiting for it to finish, then repeating those steps ad nauseam. Not surviving, not gardening, not fighting, not actual cooking, not fishing. Just the acts of making chaud-froid from set aside ingredients and applying spice to foods. When you say that every character is a swap character because you can just swap to them to do what they do best, this is what you have to look forward to if you want to play as Warly. I challenge you to find anyone who finds that fun. But more to the point, even if there were people who found that fun, how does it harm them or anyone else to make Warly no longer a swap character? The people who want to have fun as Warly but don't because he's a swap character now have fun, the people who enjoyed him before still enjoy him, everyone wins no?
  13. It's not that it's his main gameplay, it's that if you take the suggestion of the person I was replying to and keep swapping between characters to do the thing they're best at, all you will be doing is cooking the ingredients you had set aside to make Chaud-Froid and waiting for the spice mixer to finish. Nothing that's fun about cooking is present. It could be fun if you had to make the most of ingredients you scrounged together to survive, but that's not what we're talking about. It would be fun if you actually used those buffs but then we're no longer heeding the person's suggestion. But if you fix the part of the game I'm complaining about, those people still get to do what they have fun with. Both sides win. The "It's not fun to you, but it is to other people" argument only works when there's mutual exclusivity.
  14. Is there something specific to DST that isn't present in other games that makes you think the characters don't need to be balanced? Or do you feel this way about every game