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  1. Dear developers and friends I have 2 PCs; a gaming desktop which is built in 2015 and a Notebook for work. I use my gaming desktop with a wired connection, and i can play other online games without any connection problem(MMORPG,MOBA,FPS, SURVÄ°VAL etc.). But when i join to a new online DST game or some other game which i have played with my friends for few days i can only walk 5 - 6 steps and current packetloss is reaching 100% and i cant even move again,"strangely i can see the other player moving and collecting things during this lag".Then disconnected. I have tested the same servers on my old work notebook with wireless connection result was: almost no lag but i want to play with my gaming desktop. I have reinstalled the game, checked with another internet cable. Firewall is open for all connection types to render and game itself. Uninstalled my virus protection. I really love this game and want to keep playing. I am attaching a sceenshot. I appreciate if you help me to solve this problem. Thank you.