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  1. Dupe eaten by alien

    My Dupe was in combat with a Hatch, Dupe ran to get more O2, hatch followed, Dupe stopped on some resources (copper) that hadnt been swept yet, right at this time the Hatch decided to eat that particular copper piece (Hatch details said eating, not combat) and my Dupe disappeared, I now have an empty bed and no corpse......was this a bug or?
  2. Same here, I had a TWO pumps in the same room, one down low to grab the O2 and one up high to grab the H, the pump grabbing the hydrogen stopped working even though it was in 400-900g hydrogen. The O2 pump kept going.
  3. Air Scrubber - Liquid intake

    You need to run a fresh water pipe to it and a contaminated water pipe OUT of it for it to run. It turns the CO2 into contaminated water, it does NOT release O2.