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  1. so even if all the content is being given for free when they include event skins for sale to not split the comunity like activision, ea and gearbox do they are suddenly the bad guys? they need money and they are providing us with content without charge and the skins will be what keeps founding them to keep expanding the game and this game is already way to old to be getting all this support. instead of pulling a dlc fest like pay day 2 or bringing don't starve 3 they are expanding dst and giving options for people to support the development of the game. please explain to me how is this a bad thing compared to the really ****ty practices many other corporations do like spiting the player base.
  2. in this set up the 2 duplicant were traped in that space and were unable to go back to base and they almost died in there the water had the dup on the left completely covered up. after a wile the water caved in in the small space were the hydrogen and chlorine (i think is the other gas) and the water was just despairing and it vanished from existence. the second picture is so you can see where it is from my base so you can use my save file to replicate it recreate the scene on the pic with the duplicants and dig a hole on the bottom of the pocketed water on the top so all the water joins up and makes the water collapse in to the gases. Death Comet.sav