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  1. Hello Klei, Please allow us to purchase the bundles + skins + characters + collections [AS GIFTS] through the in-game shop. I would like to purchase these as gifts for my friends, but your in-game shop does not have this option. Thank you for reading, -Aelie
  2. really wish these reward links lasted more than 7 days :( ... thats just not enough time to claim rewards sometimes.. and i keep missing them because I check forums at wierd times ugh supersadpanda
  3. We are having the same issue on one of our accounts. The mod list looks identical to yours and it can't connect to friend hosted servers. It's so irritating...everyone else contects fine, but this account shows missing mods even though it has all mods as host. The only difference is that this account also has broken mods (identical to yours). Ugh :'( We've tried everything. Klei...I'm seriously starting to lose hope in your're adding new content every week, but not fixing your bugs and server issues. We've been dealing with this for at least 2 months.