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  1. The rough choice i'll have to make. Play the DLC now or wait to pay full price? P.S. why can't i reply anymore?
  2. coffee/beer/pizza/cake anything XD. I'm actually thinking about this cuz i had too much fun with both DST and ONI and these people actually deserve the best <3
  3. @JoeW one question. If i but the DLC now and the price goes up. How can i pay it again?
  4. Yeah Francis John is my number 1. The Oni fanbase is a small world isn't it? XD
  5. you can watch brothgar's videos. I watched them even tho i can play. He's my second favourite oni youtuber!
  6. well it's 5am and i'm still not sleeping. SEND HELP. I need coffee and red bull :3
  7. Just got accepted. No more sleep till monday. Good luck to you guys <3
  8. thank you. This is the face that all my dupes make when they see me selecting them. They know what they are dragged into 3:) Muhahahahahha
  9. You gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers! 200 hrs in 12 or no deal!
  10. Now i only need 2 things in my life to be complete: Elden Ring at TGA & ONI DLC before new year's. Fingers crossed dupes <3
  11. I guess I'm not the only one checking in daily. Every workday on lunch break I take a look here in hope of news XD send help pls
  12. I love how many programers there are in this thread! Java = Love :3
  13. Well, the last few posts really hyped this week for me :3 Klei pls take my money already :'(
  14. I think oni should at least give a nudge to the player what can he do. Not things like : get steel, make at+st heat deletion, etc. I am talking about teasing the creativity of the player. By that i mean a bit of text with the buildings like : this cute machine does the job but couldn't it be done better or more efficient or whatever in some other way? Just to imply there are better ways if you are willing to risk failing and learning in the process. I wouldn't really mind some buildings with a loss of material in some cases. Just so you can do it until you figure it out. But yeah, some people might just accept the loss and not try to build sth, which is what the game is all about IMO. Alas you will never be able to please everyone P.S. radioactive puke in DLC or I'll riot
  15. Well look on the bright side. The year is ending and most likely we will get an update before it does. I'm hoping for a spring 2021 release date tbh.
  16. Yeah i think you're right. The exit was near a cold biome and CO2 condenses at around -40 iirc. Rip crude oil from the skyes.
  17. Looking at the doors as you stated i saw a weird crude oil appearing near the doors at the end of the gif. Was that a bug or maybe some spillage from the rocket? Or maybe it's raining oil ? Hmmmm
  18. Again in the last 29 minutes. Something's wrong, I can feel it! :O
  19. Oh no. I brought the Elden Ring curse upon this game... Why oh God why?
  20. Hello. Glad to post my first comment here. I'm on the newer side when it comes to oni, but i fell in love with this game. Hope we will get news soon about the dlc/update as i honestly check this thread daily on my coffe break. One more thing, if any dev reads this thread. Please do not remove insta-neutronium mining dupes. It's quite hard to do by mistake and not practical at all, but can save us from using sandbox/debug when worldgen pulls a prank on us