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  1. Excellent work bitching, folks. Yet another stupidly overpowered character.
  2. I jumped in a wormhole just as hounds were spawning and when I came back through this little fella was waiting for me. Impressive hovering skills!
  3. This is indeed a known bug and it was tagged as "fixed" last Wednesday by one of the devs. There just hasn't been a beta hotfix to update the game for some reason.
  4. Here's the next one, an hour later. This time attempting to rejoin the server, I am greeted by the "You have lost connection to the server" message pop up. client_log.txt
  5. Throughout beta and first day of release, barely any issues. Maybe one or two lag spikes and disconnects in several hours. Second day, a rare disconnect during a match here and there. Not much of an issue. Now, nearly every match I get disconnected and sent back to the logging in screen. Sometimes more than once per match. Most of the time I can get right back on the server, but It's a real liability. Doesn't matter if it's a European based server with 40ish ping or for example NA with 150ish ping, lag suddenly spikes and I'll get disconnected all the same. Whatever was changed after the start of the event, undo it.
  6. Just had a run in which I took no hits at all before the snortoise wave. Did NOT receive the achievement. This achievement is bugged.
  7. More hammers littering the town... ... and now even in the jungle. I doubt very much any builders made their way over here and I definitely did not leave these here.
  8. Had this issue in a couple of different saves now. 100% hammers littering the ground and I doubt it's because of vampire bats or anything else killing the builders. Been dumping them in one spot to see how many there are...
  9. Well, it's puzzling on this end as well. After my last post I went to play my current world (Wilson) and now my house in that save is suddenly black screen. The contents of my house have all magically migrated inside the nearest shop. When I exit the shop, my character stands next to my house, not the shop. log.txt
  10. I ran into the black house/store bug yesterday. Still have the save, so I went back to it and all but the Swinebury Fine Grocer's are black screen. c_tryexitblackroom() lets me exit all buildings. However, I was playing Warbucks without having him unlocked, since you can play him by switching from RoG to HAM during character selection. Not sure if that falls under the "without cheating" clause. log.txt
  11. A poison birchnut tree spawned and the game crashed after a few chops at it.
  12. Ta-dah! Seriously though, I am especially in awe of how it turns off all game sounds when I press "OK". Not to mention It conveniently takes me back to the main menu of the game so I can repeat this process as many times as i please. And why wouldn't I? Never have minutes, hours, even days of my life gone past so swiftly. All in perfect silence. Such amazing game play! Say, was foaming at the mouth, really gritting your teeth and kinda rocking back forth in the foetal position all intended side effects of trying to play this game? Asking for a friend.
  13. All games modes still broken same as it was on the beta branch. Quick Match Custom Browse Games
  14. Same issues with "Browse Servers", "Quick Match" and "Custom Match" as OP . I'm on a Windows 8.1 laptop. In Europe. Tested the regular(non-beta) DST servers and I am able to get on those just fine.
  15. For several hours no serious issues with the game but now it crashes every time I click "Ready!" after choosing my character for a Quick Match.