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  1. [Game Update] - 367948

    Excellent work bitching, folks. Yet another stupidly overpowered character.
  2. Damn near choked on my tea reading this part. Let's have the weregoose make "meep meep" sounds and wildly spinning legs while we're at it. Give it a coyote nemesis kitted with all kinds of crazy ACME gear, too. Oh, the weremoose should be able to one hit everything in sight with no input from the player whatsoever. You know, just to make it seem "reasonable" for the cost of transforming. After the costs of transforming have been diminish- altogether removed, naturally. Such as? Give him the "curse" of having permanent supergodmode, perhaps? Oh no, how will anyone ever cope with the toll of that on Woodie's humanity!
  3. Can the birdcage curtain be closed?

    A raft + a bird trap + a seed = a puffin. An incredibly controversial concept, I know.
  4. The thing is, it's possible to stand in front of AG and hit it without getting hit back. No graves, a pillar or anything else to block it. That was still working a few days ago (haven't tried since) so even if the arena did get some update AG itself is still glitchy.
  5. Hounds stop near the sea

    I jumped in a wormhole just as hounds were spawning and when I came back through this little fella was waiting for me. Impressive hovering skills!
  6. Silent Hound Attacks

    This is indeed a known bug and it was tagged as "fixed" last Wednesday by one of the devs. There just hasn't been a beta hotfix to update the game for some reason.
  7. hound waves don't make a warning noise

    Yup, same bug here as well.
  8. I'm worried about Klei

    Winona's cheesepults is where it began. Then came Wortox and it was like a bad joke. Endless teleporting, endless aoe healing, etc. Now there's Warly and his meals which give a variety of core game mechanic breaking buffs. Don't need to cool down, don't need to stay warm, don't need to stay dry, don't need a light source, deal tons more damage, take less damage. All there is left to do is sit back and laugh at how stupidly easy things will get with each passing update. At the end of these completely disproportional character rebuffs and the overall removal of any effort needed to survive, there better be a new, fourth game mode waiting for players who expect at least a modicum of challenge in Don't Starve Together. Something, anything, that will give a reason to keep playing a game downgraded to a kindergärtner's level.
  9. Internal Testing

    I read the title as "Infernal Testing" and thought someone REALLY had something to get off their chest. Feel kinda let down now
  10. I sink when land on lunar island

    "I often sink... if i use the plank."
  11. Regular disconnects during match

    more client_log.txt
  12. Regular disconnects during match

    Here's the next one, an hour later. This time attempting to rejoin the server, I am greeted by the "You have lost connection to the server" message pop up. client_log.txt
  13. Regular disconnects during match

  14. Throughout beta and first day of release, barely any issues. Maybe one or two lag spikes and disconnects in several hours. Second day, a rare disconnect during a match here and there. Not much of an issue. Now, nearly every match I get disconnected and sent back to the logging in screen. Sometimes more than once per match. Most of the time I can get right back on the server, but It's a real liability. Doesn't matter if it's a European based server with 40ish ping or for example NA with 150ish ping, lag suddenly spikes and I'll get disconnected all the same. Whatever was changed after the start of the event, undo it.
  15. Just had a run in which I took no hits at all before the snortoise wave. Did NOT receive the achievement. This achievement is bugged.