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  1. Dedicated server,but I think the host server is the same as it.
  2. And you can't access server when you sleep and quit.
  3. First,i want to describe my experience.At 10 o'clock in this morning,i try to build a server.Because this is my first time to build server,i saw a lot of video to learn it,experienced about 4 hours,finally i succeed.Very excited,i call my friend to play it,on my own server,we had fun,because this time,the game run very smoothly,then after played about 3 hours,he leaved,leaved me alone,we build a very nice home,lots of dug grass,dug berry bush and dug sapling,i thought we won't be starve,and i pressed 't',to let Musha to sleep,then i quitted the know what happened?when i finished meal and readied to make a big fight with game,i started the server,and the file was reset.i feel very upset.Then i started to find the reason,and finally found it. when you use Musha,don't sleep when you quit the game,or it will be reset.because when you do this,the server will not pause,and slowly you die.the world will be reset.never do me.hope to fix this bug.