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  1. I suggested memes not included, but no titles are changing now
  2. Forget asparagus rules down with ass Pegasus also "once again" this should be the norm now
  3. I take that as a personal jab as I spend 4-5 hours a day on this site at least except for weekends
  4. I'm not even going to check triumphant wx
  5. Just finished reading "salt: a world history" 

    i would recommend it, but only if you would read 494 pages about salt

  6. I am the pleat master behold the mighty pleat




  7. We need to summon @WilliamHiggsbury With more cats
  8. Maybe the fuel weaver can get its shield up now
  9. Pretty parasail is no laughing matter in a spring start
  10. Pretty sure a ten second wait but I would 14 seconds before more
  11. You can't win an argument with a Mastermind.
  12. Here comes the bugs with them, probability will not spawn rabbits right
  13. You have animal variety but not painted pig houses?
  14. wasn't that a great present, over 120 notifications in a hour