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  1. that's a lot of notifications what did i miss
  2. It was on all the joe w's in nome Alaska, I wouldn't whitepage anyone unless I was REALLY curious
  3. Well, my Nintendo 64 is dying.

    have to turn it off and on for 10 minutes to get it to turn on, rip Mario party 2

  4. Ban @watermelen671 for not showing up to my tv show thread
  5. A few questions edit: he also has 13 birth records and 16 death records
  6. Can you take a hint and stop commenting or act mature, people hope for these skins and sometimes JOKE about it. like this JOKE. "ros sknz r gting rlesed"
  7. SFC master race

    this thing


    we got several bomberman games, Mario world, Mario rpg, AND link to the past

  8. Playing super bomberman 3, that second boss will stun lock you to oblivion 

  9. Webber sitting on top of a spider nest in base while someone came back
  10. Ban mlg squid for post or rep shaming someone newer than you, also I have more post and rep, for me it's okay because I'm newer than you
  11. IMG_0023.PNG

    Not my house

    1. Destros09


      This someone's house though, on the forums 

    2. Destros09


      A someone on the forums is there

    3. Destros09


      This is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 's house

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  12. Im going to be testing server performance with some mods later if anyone wants to help.

  13. We need beefalo doors just for this


    1. Auth


      tbh i'd probably purposely walk into that door a billion times

  14. Webber in a throne watching a spider war with popcorn pls
  15. 蒸汽在中国不容易使用,但腾讯是,vpn连接可能工作,但我不知道