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  1. i cant update any mods !

    Never tested that, not that I'd know to. Next time it happens, I'll be sure to try, and post the results here.
  2. i cant update any mods !

    Hello, I've been having this issue as well. In my case, it seems both Steam and Don't Starve Together keep being denied access to the root folder. Not only have I had this issue, but even the game itself refuses to update in the normal manner. I've found that to fix the mods, I need to reboot my PC in Safe Mode, delete the mod(s) in question, exit Safe Mode, and start up Don't Starve Together for it to download the mod again. As for the game itself not updating, Steam simply marks the game as "MISSING FILE PRIVILEGES". Just rebooting my PC and trying to download the update is all that is necessary to fix this. If this extra bit isn't enough, and you want my client_log.txt file, I've included it as GB_client_log.txt to mark it as mine (I'm not sure if it would have gotten mixed up or anything if the Original Poster later added theirs, so I renamed it just before adding it to avoid such an issue.) GB_client_log.txt
  3. I've found a troll - repeatedly inspecting a Mandrake in your inventory causes an unusally long "passed out" sleep state. Please fix this!