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  1. Our world has 4 houndius shootius for emergency room against hounds n frog rain however, all of sudden those 4 houndius shootius trying to kill each other
  2. This bug might already known for the the dev team but I just wanted to address it again as this bug sometimes become really annoying esp. for Walrus.
  3. Gingerbread houses appears to be invisible sometimes. The glitch is occurred without having the player to restarting the world meaning, if the gingerbread houses are visible at the first time the player launched the server, after several minutes of playing and return back to the ginger houses, one or two ginger houses are tend to become invisible. I have attached a picture of 1 of 5 gingerbread houses is invisible. The structure is still there as the player cannot walk through the invisible house and also can be hammered down, it just simply invisible. Edit: Invisible ginger house cannot be hammered down. Also, the design of some gingerbread house is keep switching every time I re-enter my world.