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  1. Yesterday, my friends and I decided to reset the world. Then after the reset is complete, we find that the ocean is not being generated, To confirm this, we traveled across every coast, Finally, it was found that the ocean was generated, but it was very small and broken, and it was almost unavailable. Moon Island merges with the main mainland. This is a dedicated server and it doesn't use any mod. The world is set at the bottom of the article. This is the only ocean: moon island and normal land: Broken sea area: World setting: leveldataoverride_master.lua leveldataoverride_caves.lua Archive file (cluster_token.txt deleted): kuranado.zip Remarks: I reset the world again without changing anything. The newly generated world is normal, so I don't think it is a configuration file error. The above is the information I provided. If you need more information, please indicate what information is needed.