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  1. Just defeated Ancient Fuelweaver.. got inspired to make a drawing of it
  2. Forgot to add, this seems to occur with the presence of delay/latency. Happens when I joined a server with 90-100 ms But also, hosted with Caves enabled and noticed the same issue with Moose/Goose (I don't have a beefy PC so it probably had the same effect of joining a server, having delay/latency).
  3. When kiting Giants, you aggro their attack and dodge to get that 1-2 seconds where you can attack them. The problem is, when you approach a Giant (to attack it), sometimes it approaches you as well, making it stand literally inside your character as you're trying to hit. That's when all your hits are not registering (you're too close). The only solution is to take a step back so you get outside that Giant's hit box and attack it. But by that time, it's attack has already reset and you'll either have to run back or tank the hit. This never used to happen before like a year or so. Fighting Deerclops was so enjoyable for me but now it's a nightmare. The time it takes to kill it has significantly increased up to double or even triple, more shadow creatures to fight and more resources wasted on making campfires to stop freezing/Charlie. All of this because of the hit box isn't detected when the Giant approaches you and sticks right into your character's space. It's like a blind spot. This also happens with Moose/Goose and Bearger (not so often as Bearger tends to stand still). Sorry for typing too much, I try to explain it best I can. Please look onto this matter, Klei. <3 Make it so you always attack their hit box no matter how close you are to it.