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  1. There are two chesters in my game, one in RoG and one in hamlet, i did not even take eyebone with me, it dropped when i used skyworthy. And this hamlet chester had duplicated items when he spawned, literally duplicated because i took everything inside him and stored in my chests in hamlet world, then i came back to RoG world, and that other chester had all the same items untouched, i basically got double loot. Later i killed that hamlet chester just to see what happends, then i came back to RoG, raided the riuns and got new loot inside my chester. When i was coming back to Hamlet, i dropped eyebone on the ground thinking that this might prevent the bug from happening again, but it did not help. New chester spawned, and that new chester had duplicated loot again, new duplicated loot, not the old one. I have sent my gamefile through bug report inside the game, although i wasn't sure how it worked, i forgot to mention the save slot that got the bug. It is my 5th save slot, maxwell.
  2. Right now charged attack can't break them.
  3. Still better than pugalisk wand, obsidian armor/scalemail and fire staff/fire darts
  4. Krissure Stuck at erupting state

    I confirm that this bug exists. But it is a SW bug, you should probably post it in SW bug tracker.
  5. I came to SW world from Hamlet world and heard a warning about upcoming volcano eruption. Then i came to altar of snackrafice and donated to it until it fully closed. But later i got volcano eruption in about just a day or so, without any warnigns, and got my base destroyed. Later it still didnt work properly even though i stayed in SW world. This happend miltiple times.
  6. Nope, i hold only one. And it happends very often, even in other seasons. Just try to keep thermal stone all the time with you and you will sure notice it eventually. I also had this problem forever in my other worlds.
  7. This does not happend every day of temperate season. For example, it is day 268 in hamlet in my world, almost beginning of the day (2 segments of day), i hold thermal stone and i overheat. I do not stay near campfire or anything, also thermal stone colour is grey (middle temperature, neither cold nor warm), which is very odd. This overheat can last very long, but after i drop thermal stone on ground, it quickly goes away. I never overheat in hamlet if i do not hold thermal stone. Also, the same bug exists in shipwrecked.
  8. I remember that this bug was in shipwrecked before, but it was fixed. Now it is back in hamlet.
  9. Day 294, but only one of these spawns when i chop down pine cones, this happend at least twice. Perhaps this may be because i have linked RoG world, and this world is very fresh, it was made only a few days. Please fix this, thank you very much.
  10. As i know it depends on the number of days lived in the world
  11. This may not be exactly a bug, but i really wish there was some way to refuel cowl or at least farm bat wings in hamlet
  12. I think this whole shop is barely useful, and prices are way too high as well.
  13. Basically if you use hamlet skyworthy while BFB is still spawning and come back later, BFB will spawn a lot faster or even instantly after you come back to hamlet next time.
  14. I planted magic water and it reduced my maximum health like meat effigy does (maximum health was reduced only after restarting the game, which is probably another bug), after digging it up maximum health did not come back. I crafted living artifact from this magic water but maximum health did not come back. I got a new magic water from fountain and planted it, then restarted the game. Now i have minus 60 maximum health. I restarted the game and went to RoG world through skyworthy but nothing still changed. Please help me, i play Maxwell which is the worst thing about my situation, i have 15 maximum health and i can't do anything about it. I also want to mention that i do not use any mods at all. Thank you very much.
  15. I can confirm this bug. Happends very often.
  16. I can confirm that i have seen double bramble blooms before. Although i wasn't sure that it happend because of reloading the game.
  17. When one uses weatherpain on ancient fuelweaver, player might be frozen in attack animation for two seconds and weatherpain will not shoot. Example of this bug is at 9:03 (and much more moments) of this video:
  18. If one stays close to the abyss when ancient fuelweaver tries to use his bone cage trap, it would not work properly and player will still be free.
  19. Weatherpain can target unseen hands that create ancient fuelweaver's shield but it doesn't damage them, please fix!!
  20. Whenever i leave a volcano, abigail despawns and her flower spawns in my inventory. She despawns when i enter the volcano if she was too far at the moment, but when i leave the volcano it happends every time.