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  1. I really should try trading on the forums, when I get more stuff. Traded most of it with the Beefalo Trader and got crap in return, so I'm a little low on things to trade. XD On the plus side, I recently got a toga
  2. Oooooooh, that Webber is so cute! Gonna have to reblog these on tumblr
  3. He is just wearing the shadow suit while holding the head of a Maxwell statue. It's a bit hard to tell on the small image I posted earlier. I want the Shadow Suit skin so freakin' badly! All I seem to be getting now is just t-shirts. Ugh XD
  4. It's really an awesome font! Will definitely use it in future projects
  5. Made some minor changes to the Deerclops drawing. Fancied working with typography so made it into a poster kind of thing. : )
  6. Thank you! Yeah, could not for the life of me get his profile right so I ended up having facing forward. XD
  7. Here's two drawings I made of the Deerclops Made this one sometime last year And I just finished another drawing of him tonight
  8. Hello! Here's some of my doodles and whatnot. Webber is my favourite so I am not quite sure why I keep drawing Wilson.