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  1. @PeterA It works if I try a different preview image every time, but now I cannot get past the 'Failed to publish mod' error. I have restarted my PC and Steam multiple times with the same results.
  2. @PeterA Heres the log, it seems to give me different errors all the time. (Lame meme mod is lame) ModUploader.log
  3. Someone told me the same on Steam, I have been waiting for it to decide to work for a while. Just hoping it will let me upload soon! @Maris
  4. I have been working on a mod for a few weeks now and I cannot upload it using the Mod uploader, It is a simple character mod, nothing complex. I have gotten various errors but the one that shows up the most is the Failed sharing mod data file, EResult 25, ffffffffffffffff. I am not sure how to fix this. The mod works fine in game and I have checked the Modmain.lua and Info files but everything seems fine. Here is a section of the Error log, I can post the whole log if required: Progress: Uploading mod data file... 11:31:36: OnShareModFileResult 11:31:36: EResult 25, ffffffffffffffff 11:31:36: EndProgress FAILED: Failed sharing mod data file. 11:31:36: MainFrame::OnPublishComplete FAILED: Failed sharing mod data file. 11:31:41: RefreshPublishedModInfo 11:31:41: EnumerateUserPublishedFiles(0) 11:31:41: Progress: Updating Mod List... 11:31:41: OnEnumerateUserPublishedFiles 11:31:41: EResult 1, results 0/0 11:31:41: Complete 11:31:41: EndProgress ok: No mods found 11:31:41: MainFrame::OnRefreshComplete ok: No mods found 11:31:48: UploaderApp::OnExit()