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  1. The backpack and other parts of the Dupes are Pink, Some on them seem to be the motion path possibly?
  2. Gastrophobic Chef

    This issue happens with other traits as well, like with yokel
  3. Seed Count

    The Amount of Seeds don't Add up Properly
  4. Suffocating Ladders

    If the dupes start suffocating and they are on ladders that are side by side instead of moving up or down, they will just keep moving side by side.
  5. Loud Sleeper

    When a Dupe with the characteristic of Loud Sleeper is interrupted, I had the dupes attack a hatch when they were sleeping, the echoing lasted even though the dupe was awake.
  6. Sweep Up Bug

    Not Sure what happened or how to recreate at it but im assuming that I used pick up on the Dupes but they have a pick up pop up following them
  7. When you look at the tool tip for Contaminated water or "Made a Mess" Tool Tip, it says to use Key "K" as a shortcut but the actual short cut is "M"