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  1. Ahhh okay sorry I didn't know it was already mentioned as I am not familiar with these forums yet (created this account for help). Thanks for the info and suggestion!
  2. Recently my girlfriend and I have been playing a lot of DST on PS4 offline local, got to around day 200 and we decided to rollback and when we loaded back in it prompted her to create a new character. Her old character was completely wiped. We tried rolling back further, same thing. We tried restarting and shutting down the console, still same issue. We now tried creating a more new worlds and tonight as we go to continue, it kept on prompting her to create a new character again. We had one error screen occur (after our 2nd re attempt at a new world since our day 200 world is when it all began) but did not happen to save a screen shot of it unfortunately. We even tried deleting the game completely, the. reinstalling it and it still occurs. Please help!! We love this game and have spent a great amount of time playing and want to continue doing so! Thank you