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  1. thanks so much man! i'll get to work on this right away, making it non-equippable by other characters was my solution that problem if it occurred. now i know it was the right to do. again thanks alot for your help just hope i don't screw this up =D
  2. Thank you so much! @PanAzej So I would have to make a new hand image equipping the item manually and edit the scml file? Will that effect all characters who picked up the particular item or just my character? here's my entire character's exported.zip. Let me know if you'll need anything else or how this process works =P
  3. Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to read this. i let this picture do the talking. basically what im trying to do is change the hand animation to another one when holding a specific custom item. so when any character holds this particular item it changes from the default fist to the open hand image. any idea how to thiis? will i have to enter a particular code into my item's lua file?
  4. Sorry about that URGENT status. It's only because I've posted this topic 2 days ago and didn't get replies sadly. So I've reposted with it. Won't happen again. And OMG I'm so silly... After all these hours it was right in from of me all this time.... Jeez I need start triple checking my files from now on! Thanks so much for pointing that out my friend.
  5. Hello and thank you soo much for taking the time to read this! basically what im trying to do is rename all of wickerbottom's books and place them into a new custom tab with different craft materials for a MOD character. So far i've managed to successfully recreate the Sleeping and Tentacle books and was able place them in my custom tab with other custom items. fully functioning. but i came across a problem when i was recreating the "birds" book.; i'm able to place it into my custom tab no problem, but when i try to use it , it functions the same as the sleep book for some reason and doesn't summon the birds. at first i thought i placed the "sleep" code in my "bird" book but that wasn't the case... here's the code i've used for my bird book: function star_bird_book(inst, reader) local birdspawner = TheWorld.components.birdspawner if birdspawner == nil then return false end local pt = reader:GetPosition() reader.components.sanity:DoDelta(-50) --we can actually run out of command buffer memory if we allow for infinite birds local ents = TheSim:FindEntities(pt.x, pt.y, pt.z, 10, nil, nil, { "magicalbird" }) if #ents > 30 then reader.components.talker:Say(GetString(reader, "ANNOUNCE_WAYTOOMANYBIRDS")) else local num = math.random(10, 20) if #ents > 20 then reader.components.talker:Say(GetString(reader, "ANNOUNCE_TOOMANYBIRDS")) else num = num + 10 end reader:StartThread(function() for k = 1, num do local pos = birdspawner:GetSpawnPoint(pt) if pos ~= nil then local bird = birdspawner:SpawnBird(pos, true) if bird ~= nil then bird:AddTag("magicalbird") end end Sleep(math.random(.2, .25)) end end) end return true end im able to spawn and read the "original birds book" and it works perfectly but for some reason my custom birds book won't work,... can you please take a look at my star_bird_book.lua and also wickerbottom's books.lua to let me know where i messed up? could it be that i have to add the bird spawner tag into my star.lua? im new to all of this... still learning thanks so much in advance!
  6. ok ive test the item with an other player and they dropped it which is perfect! thats exactly what i wanted! thank you so much!! ok and for: player.components.container will i have to keep that in the same function area as: player.components.inventory or will i have to start a new function? something like this? inst.components.inventoryitem.onputininventoryfn = function(inst, player) if player.components.inventory and player.prefab ~= "star" then inst:DoTaskInTime(0.1, function() player.components.inventory:DropItem(inst) player.components.talker:Say("It seems to slip right out of my hands!") end) inst.components.inventoryitem.onputininventoryfn = function(inst, player) if player.components.container and player.prefab ~= "star" then inst:DoTaskInTime(0.1, function() player.components.container:DropItem(inst) player.components.talker:Say("It seems to slip right out of my hands!") end)
  7. thank you so much for the tips, im now able to put the item in the backpack and chests, but unfortunately im unable to test the other player at the moment my friend's asleep =\ when you say "check" does that mean "if" and "then"? im pretty new to all of this...
  8. yes i would want the item to be placed into chests and backpacks, i just dont want other players picking up the item.
  9. so your saying i would have to replace "player" with container? in "= function(inst, player)"
  10. Alright, i'll attach my zip file to the original post. thanks for your assistance anyway!
  11. yeah...so it looks like i should just give up on character specific items for a while? don't want to waste any more time on a broken code...=\
  12. yea i've guessed that too. so i removed that line and it still gave me the same error.. could it be somthing to do with modmain.lua ? or is that irrelevant when it comes to items?
  13. sorry, posted before fully adding the info its been edited.
  14. Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to read this! ok so basically my friend and i have been working on a character mod for DST, we've been making loads of progress. Until we wanted to give our character a weapon only she can (Use/Equip/Pickup). i've scoured the web the web and found this piece of code from @DarkXero: the code worked perfectly, made other players drop the item and even said they can't use it. BUT whenever i try to place the weapon into a backpack or chest it immediately crashes the game... i have no idea why... I've been doing my best to try different codes. even using: inst:AddComponent("characterspecific") inst.components.characterspecific:SetOwner("star") but unfortunately still haven't worked. keeps giving me an error: "attempt to index field 'inventory' (a nil value)" Here's my star_axe.lua and client_log.txt can you please take a look at the code and see what it is im doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  15. @Lumina I've got it working!!! thank you so much for linking me to that post about the Texture packer and letting me know how check the client_log! basically my PC (for whatever reason) kept rendering the tex files in 3D regardless of the "selected" 2D setting. so i kind of worked around that by using the 1D format in the text editor and then packing them into the unpacker with the "Power of 2" setting. and it worked! im finally able to continue working on our mod! thanks so much!