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  1. I need a Wigfrid figure in my life. pls klei
  2. i have all three. :>
  3. Tentacle (or Reed Trap) Set Piece is actually searched for because of the mass amount of reeds in one location. It's OP for characters like Wickerbottom.
  4. Summary of Rework Ideas for Winona

    this is nut a good idea xd
  5. yes! oh yes! I can finally play on my potato!
  6. that would be funny if winona's halloween skin was charlie
  7. Summary of Rework Ideas for Winona

    Crafting things for less resources would basically mean she has a permanent Construction Amulet, which combined with the Deconstruction Staff, would be almighty broken. I love the stack crafting though.
  8. Winona confirmed perks

    understandable have a nice day
  9. Nick's opinions of the META

    While she had HUGE potential for being a super useful character (and could still be useful if Klei wants to rework some of her abilities!), she ended up just being a slightly better Wilson with no downsides. It's boring, and quite frankly, not fun.
  10. its so refreshing seeing no wigfrids on a public server
  11. Great, now people will stop arguing about whether Wigfrid or Wolfgang is better. What I want to know is if these combat related abilities will translate to normal DST?
  12. Shipwrecked being ported to DST is different from Hamlet being ported to DST. Shipwrecked still has the "survival" feel to it, albeit with a large world in the middle of the ocean. Hamlet looks more akin to something that's not survival based, but has survival themes, like for example Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. Those are the vibes I get from it so far. Shipwrecked COULD be compatable, Hamlet WOULDN'T be compatable. That's the difference here. So Hamlet being ported to DST is something I'm not expecting from Klei. Like, at all. Shipwrecked, however, could work with a little more elbow grease. But Hamlet being multiplayer compatable is something I wouldn't even think possible without changing some of the core elements it may be using. Or it could work, we haven't even gotten to 2018 yet.
  13. uhhh... do they look weird to anyone else or is it just me? they go up to like the middle between her mouth and nose...
  14. Winona confirmed perks

    But you can get meat effigies from the ruins, no? Every character is capable of going there.
  15. Winona confirmed perks

    To be honest the faster building thing is decent enough to be like the character's secondary perk, but she basically has 3 secondary small perks and no bread and butter that everyone else has (except for Willow, obvs) At least she can do more than Wilson?