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  1. Sadly, PvP isn't something decided by a shard location, it's a global setting. If you have PvP enabled, it's gonna be in both aboveground and caves. I believe theres no way to change this with the console (could be wrong, I've seen crazy s*** be done with the console). A mod probably would do the trick though.
  2. Thing is tho, I've met people who HATE playing WX just because, according to them, he's just boring. They don't like his character, and his abilities don't justify playing him. He has nothing fun about him, in all honesty.
  3. Help for beginners?

    I know the struggle with character selection all too well. At least from a newbie's point of view. Try every character and see how you like them. It was complete coincidence that my bud @Brikelz picked Woodie, and now the guy won't shut up about how much he likes him. And character choice really doesn't matter that much (except for Wigfrid and Webber, which changes norms. I'd suggest staying away from Wigfrid for right now, but it's not a bad idea to pick her, Webber's okay if you don't base near pigs). As for the whole trap thing, I literally only use traps for rabbits when I want a prestihatitator (the fact that I got that right is amazing). Traps aren't useful past that, use them if you want to, but there's better alternatives.
  4. never heard of dont starbe together
  5. you've avoided the lag dst has? i envy you
  6. i want @JohnWatson's meatballs if you know what i mean
  7. Reason why I didn't bring up Hambats is because people love to argue for Wolfgang "he can 1hit spiders with a Dark Sword". He's no more effective with a Hambat than any other character when killing spiders. And if we're still talking speed here, I'm curious as to how you don't think WX-78 is better than him, due to him being faster than Wolfgang.
  8. [guide] Stop food spoilage

    hate to tell you, but Goose/Goose and dragonfly are both women. didn't even get their genders right smh Goose klei wtf
  9. I think many of us realize that Wolfgang's damage potential is never going to be topped by Wigfrid. However, let's take practical examples with Wolfgang vs. Wigfrid: Are you seriously going to waste Dark Swords and food on spiders? No, cause you could be using them for giants instead. More than likely, you're going to be using a spear or a tentacle spike (which, by the way, Wigfrid supplies a better spear). Same logic applies for every other mob that's not a giant. And sure, Wolfgang gets extra speed in combat, but guess what? Everyone can get it! It's called a walking cane with luminescence!
  10. What @fimmatek and @landromat said, that's just what people call her ability to steal health and sanity from enemies. It's a lot easier to call it that, and frankly just makes her sound cooler.
  11. Wolfgang wasn't as fleshed out as Wigfrid was before Strange New Powers. All he had going for him was 1.5x damage and that was it. No defense, no armor, no vampirism, and no meat based diet.
  12. how the hell did you get a space in your username
  13. inb4 forge comes out and wigfrid ends up being better than wolfgang In all seriousness though, the two have been compared ever since Wigfrid was released with RoG. Like everyone else has been saying, it all depends on your playstyle. If you don't want a fluctuating style at all and want to keep things narrow and simple, go with Wigfrid. If you wanna be all over the place and eat everyone's food, go with Wolfgang. Personally, I like Wigfrid more, just cause she feels more challenging to keep up with in the long run than Wolfgang does. Plus spelunking with her is a lot more interesting.