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  1. I can firmly say that the most enjoyment I've had from any video game in a long time was learning how to play Don't Starve. Adding a friend in the mix just made it a completely unforgettable experience for me, and if I could erase any memory of one game, it would be this one, just so I could learn how to do it again.
  2. Hate to ask, and it's an odd question from me since mods aren't my cup of tea, but any chance you'll try to fix any incompatabilities in those mods? They seem really well thought out and I'd hate to see them not used anymore.
  3. @Chris1488
  4. as @ThemInspectors said, try Steam Support. This is somewhat out of Klei's control, so Valve would be the people you want to contact.
  5. the f*** are kabobs
  6. New skins

    that could be a whole set of skins for the characters, actually. "the modern" skins, where they'd look like they came from the 21st century.
  7. honestly i don't think item transfer should be a big issue, after all, that was a feature of DS, why not use the same thing for DST? i think that using the iridescent gem for a one-time use item like a magic mirror or something like that would be a pretty neat idea, as it's not something you can do frequently to abuse the ability to change characters
  8. i wasn't around for it either, i believe this was a DS update
  9. y'know, the devs actually did that in an update, and players got really upset about the change so they reverted it
  10. Me and my boy @Brikelz found this game on a whim during last year's summer sale on Steam, he was weirded out by the Tim Burton artstyle at first but after we played it for a while he was like "holy guacamole i like this game". I still remember screaming at him to shave his beard for silk
  11. So, the Entire World is Fake

    oof, could you include a tl;dr section at the bottom? that's a lot to read and it's worse on mobile.
  12. How Would you Fix Woodie/Werebeaver?

    Woodie is his favorite character, so seeing him removed would probably break his heart.
  13. Map backup

    thats a big font ya got there just copy the files over from your computer to the one youre trying to open the server on, ez pz
  14. How Would you Fix Woodie/Werebeaver?

    inb4 @Brikelz gets ultra-triggered
  15. Random Topic Starter

    Well, I don't exactly care for modded servers since I'd most likely be playing with people who rely on that mod. And while I don't mind people using mods themselves, I don't like using mods on my own sessions since vanilla is, in my opinion, great the way it is. Bottom line is, if I wanted to play with those people again, I would need to either adhere (is that the right word?) to their needs or hope they can play without mods.