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  1. When i try to resume a world, it gets stuck launching forever. Some other worlds will launch fine but some will not load. i have no mods installed, i have reinstalled, verified my game cache, and my drivers are up to date. My game is also having other issues including black screen on startup occasionally, and if i try to join my friend's game my game freezes on the character select menu, and vice versa for when he tries to join my game. Another issue is the entire steam overlay is off to the right by a bit. For example, if i try to click on something in the overlay, i have to click to the left by a little bit. I have included 2 screenshots. in the first one, you can see in the corner that the overlay is not entirely visible. in the second one, i have drawn in a little arrow where my mouse was because screenshotting removes the cursor from the image. my cursor is hovered over the little arrow next to roger, but it does not highlight and i cannot click on it unless i move my mouse to the left of it.