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  1. Problem is, that selling you a broken game, then not answering your questions at least with a "we're working on it " seems fraudulent.
  2. I'm really sorry to hear that... I do enjoy the game. But if that is the case... They should give us refunds at least
  3. Hello, I have been playing don't starve for a month now, and it has rapidly became my all time favorite game. That being said I was finally stable enough to enter the volcano. First time there was no noticeable shift in time, however in my second time, I entered the volcano, I went there with the intent of appeasing the altar of snackrifice. It was dry season, volcano gave out the first warning, but altar was closed. Not understanding what had gone wrong g I left the volcano, only to see that there is no volcano warning or strike to be had. I was on day 66, and upon exiting volcano, the season had shifted to the end of mild season. I continued playing until the next dry season just to see what would happen. I entered the volcano once more to make a snackrifice. The altar was closed again. Trying to leave, the game had a critical error while on loading screen between worlds. I couldn't load the saved game. I had to delete it. I then reinstalled the game and deleted the saved data on the ps4, as this seemed to have helped others. I lost every unlocked character and progress, only to have it happen again. Same pattern. First world change brings nothing noticeable, second one shifts the game completely. This time it was caves in RoG. Deleted again. And it happened again with the seaworthy. This bug is making the game unplayable. Please help.