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  1. I tried to make the tophat light in my house but then it crashed
  2. Since Abigail is a ghost and is floating, she shouldn't be able to step on the buttons in the ruins.
  3. I am able to give the big haired pig all of the clippings I can give
  4. An egg expired once I entered the Deli and I went to pick it up. Once I picked it up there was an non-existent object called something like "Unamed Object" or "Missing Object" and if you pick it up the game crashes
  5. I'm not sure if this always happened but did Wolfgang always have a missing upper arm?
  6. I was in the jungle and I went to turn in a totem and it crashed. Also beforehand, I was able to give the same pig clippings over and over.
  7. If you are able to chase a peagawk into a corner, you can pick it then you can leave. Once it goes into bush form, it regrows it's feathers so you can get a bunch of feathers off of the same peagawk.