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  1. As title says. It doesn't affect game playing but I do think it a bug.
  2. Use Clean Sweeper to reskin some items like Walking Cane floating on the water would not apply their new skin animation.
  3. If you try to collect Restrained Static, then you will find your FPS goes lower and lower while in the storm.
  4. I'm playing DST with macOS 11.3, Mac Mini M1. Recently I found that "Shift + Scroll Down" behaves as "Shift + Scroll Up". Hope you can check and fix it.
  5. For example, when you add fuel to Lantern or Miner Hat that is not equipped, there's no sound effect. This is quite different when you add fuel to a Miner Hat that is equipped. The same thing happen on the Magiluminescence etc. This doesn't affact game experience actually but some people, like me, do really think it not friendly to players. It'll be better if you fix this and add sound effects to "add fuel" actions.
  6. About 94 pig houses near the moon stone. When more than 3 players online and not all of them are near those houses, host performence goes poor.
  7. Right now the Bunny Puffs can burn on ground but can not add fuel to Fire Pit/Ice Flingomatic etc. I don't know if this is feature but it's not reasonable..
  8. Usually, we can build a lot of Pig Houses or Rabbit Hutchs within an Ice Flingomatic. In order to attract them we build some walls and put some food they like inside, which leads them to keep trying to get the food but blocked by walls. However this, I means, this method, will cause huge lag for a dedicated server( For me, my dedicated server is 2 CPUs and 4GB RAM). Once anyone gets close to THAT village, the host's performance becomes exactly poor and all of us can hardly move or do other actions. And if we don't set the traps, it seems that the host's performance won't go too bad and we can enjoy each other. So what I'm gonna say is, is there any bug causes this lag? If so, would you please check it out and fix it. Great thanks to you.
  9. 我觉得这个可以当作特性。毕竟你洞算黑暗环境
  10. For example, I went to an Ancient Pseudoscience Station and built some Lazy Explorer with skin "Ancient Exploere", then I wrapped them. Once I came back to ground and unwrapped them, they couldn't show the right skin I want. The icon was correct but the anim was wrong. In hand they show original skins and NOTHING on ground, just like disappeared. Hope you can fix this issue soon.
  11. We don't need descriptions. What I expect is this should NOT happen.
  12. As we know minisign can plant at any place if that point has no right-click actions, and some people can easily set these signs on chests. When playing the game with Keyboard/Mouse, and no shovels in hand, players first target chest instead of minisign, which means they can open chests, not inspecting signs. However if one plays with Controller, due to load/unload an area, he will sometimes inspect the sign instead of opening the chest, making him unable to store items or restore from the chest. And this is not what I expect. I met this bug so frequantly on my dedicated server, with caves ( And I don't know if it contributes to this bug), and my controller is Xbox Elite. Anyway, hope you can fix this soon. Here's a pic, and you'll see what I said.