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  1. Hello. May I ask some help here, too? xD I'm trying to do something similar around my character. The line I'm trying to use is: Basically I tried to use a function that every "x" time, spawns a hound near you. I tried to do 1 second for test purposes. The thing is... It is not spawning the hound. The game lags for a bit, and nothing happens. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. If it's not the same character, it's not going to work because your friends's character will not be a "nightmare fuel eater". Just yours, because your character does have this line in its character.lua file: inst.components.eater:SetCanEatShadows()
  3. Hey guys. First off, i'm trying to make a 'hair' fuction to my character. It will work just like Wilson's beard, but with the headpiece instead. The code is working. I didn't just organize the sprites yet. The problem is, i don't want to 'shave' it, or 'cut it'. I want to brush it with a beefalo brush. It was working with the normal beard component and razor item. I tried making a entirely new beard component for her, swaping the 'bearded' state to 'brushable', but it's crashing the game. I'm uploading the entire mod in a .rar format, and the crash log. Maybe you guys know something that i don't, or find a silly mistake i may have done. Any solutions? Thanks, beforehand. Yukihime - Art 1.2.rar client_log.txt