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  1. 39 minutes ago, Regal said:

    But how about in pubs with no gear monsters left? :(


    Fortunately that won't be a problem. Gear monsters can be reset in quite a few ways. The full moon can renew gear monsters and clearing the fuel weaver completely resets all mobs in the caves. These mechanics are already in the game currently. Tumbleweeds also drop gears as well

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  2. Here is an idea for a concept that could be implemented into WX's rework. I would love to hear what everyone thinks about this idea.


    Gear monsters now drop a specialized gear that WX can craft with and augment himself new and unique abilities.

    These could be temporary buffs or permanent until re-augmented.

    WX require an upkeep of gears to maintain his new forms.


    Knight gears - change in appearance gains ability to enter the ocean and transform into a floaty boaty knight. Another player can man the cannon on board.

    increased speed in the ocean lower hp lower sanity, neutral hunger drain.

    Sailing drains sanity over time.


    Rook Gears - appearance change gains charge ability and hp gain, reduced sanity, increased hunger drain.

    Charging cost sanity.

    Bishop Gears - appearance change can now launch lightning bolt spell. reduced hp and increased sanity, reduced hunger drain. 

    Casting lightning bolt cost sanity.

    This idea can be expanded upon with others input in the comments. 

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