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  1. after reloading game displayed artifact lost it's decor points. as if the display is empty. remove and putting back artifact will undo the bug.
  2. 298192 - hatch not eating from feeder

    i have the same problem, hatch only eat minerals on the floor. so now i dropped 40 tons of sedimentary rock
  3. seems like the problem is mandrake from the jungle planted near mandrake hut. after picking them as i was trying to move them manually the mandrakes were gone after i clicked on them in my main inventory.
  4. Shift+left click on mandrake in main inventory to quickly move them to backpack inventory causes crash.
  5. Black floor in house after reconnect

    how do you play for another day? spending your time in the dark house?
  6. Security pigs

    or you can just kill it LUL
  7. Black floor in house after reconnect

    just happened to me as well, mate. i saved the game while inside the house, when i reload the game the floor is black just like your second picture, everything aside the building is gone. then when i left the house and entered it again then everything is just pitch black. i tried to use console and teleport next to lightning rod which is outside the house everything is just black just like inside the house and even though it's in the middle of the day unequipping lantern caused charlie to attack. it's day 46 already and i've made my first meat effigy,,, i'm sooo ready to go venturing to the unknown but... it's really sad but well, that's why we sign up for beta test. EDIT i walk around and hear pigs noises which means that i'm actually inside the town and my teleportation is succesful. i look up the map and found that my character's icon doesn't show up. then i decided to kill myself by force attacking pig guardian and let charlie hit me. i resurrect at meat effigy and everything went back to normal. EDIT AGAIN i went to my house again an everything just repeats itself. so meat effigy didn't fix it.
  8. after leaving the Pig's general store normally player will be put behind the house. Since this particular house is at the very edge of the land i was pushed off the land. so yeah, the pig kicked my butt into the clouds.