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  1. one solution to this problem is by stacking steam turbines. this way you only need to condense steam once for multiple turbines. based on your calculations 3 stacks needed with chilled supercoolant as condenser to gain net energy. but of course you can always stack some more.
  2. after reloading game displayed artifact lost it's decor points. as if the display is empty. remove and putting back artifact will undo the bug.
  3. AETN still works at -140C?

    you're right,, -60C is for wheezeworts. i noticed AETN stops working at -173.2C
  4. aren't they supposed to stop working at -60C?
  5. of course it's worth it. new updates only bring new excitement to the game. and also the devs said that they already done adding major change and new features and now they focus on polishing what's already exist in the game. so i guess it's the right time to start playing again. about nerfing some stuff i actually like it since it brings more color and depth to the game. you will need to change your approach to the game and make it even more rewarding when you can actually make a working setup. early game is quite rough i should say. you will need to constantly monitor your colony but once you hit midgame it's quite slow and relax to start your bigger and crazier setup and preparing for lategame. i find this stage of the game is the best since you dont need to babysit your colony anymore and you can begin to explore new ideas to tackle some problems that might or already occur in your base. especially since you havent played for so long i can only imagine this would be more fun to you. and of course it's possible to make a sustainable base. once you make your own playstyle it will be quite easy. give it a go mate
  6. if you vacuum the setup beforehand H always goes up and O2 goes to the side that is really nice and compact. gonna make it that way next time. thanks!
  7. Space in 100 Cycles

    i think fastest way to get astronaut is with research interested dupe. get him/her to master science tree then learn exosuit tree. since they already got learning attribute from science tree it should be quite fast to master exosuit tree. bonus point if you pick dupe with high learning attribute at the start. do you use any exploit to complete this challenge?
  8. i already did. the only change i need is when you pour both liquid it will separate each other at the bottom of electrolyzer, so you need to spread the liquid. the easiest way is dropping a tiny amount of said liquid in the tile that doesnt contain it. does it make any sense? i dont know, you will know when you try.
  9. it wasn't a bug report tho. i'm pretty sure it was a reply in a topic about electrolyzer setup and it has a picture. but thanks for putting it out, i find more information in it especially "unlikely to be resolved" lol.
  10. So i saw a reply somewhere in some oni forum, i think it was this forum, about submerging electrolyzer in liquid a few weeks ago but too bad i can't find that reply again. the idea is similar to infinite gas chamber, submerged electrolyzer won't get overpressured. and yes, this setup also able to store infinite gas. after tinkering for a while i find that the gas actually spawned on top left corner tile of electrolyzer. so you only need to provide two tiles beside it to store produced H and O2 and also those two tiles can store infinite gas. the setup needs to be initially vacuum and since H is lighter it will always fill the top tile. the electrolyzer is submerged in 10kg pwater and 10kg water. that is the most basic setup and obviously it's not survival friendly so you can upgrade it to something like this: just add some room for gas pumps and add an airflow tile to prevent liquid from spilling. the electrolyzer is submerged in 200kg of pwater and 200kg of water which is perfect for auto-bottling. obviously you can use other types of liquid but i think water and pwater are the easiest. you need 2 different types of liquid to prevent electrolyzer from drowning. or you can just store produced O2 inside your base. because without cooling system or atmo sensor what could possibly go wrong right? and finally a proper O2 production setup.
  11. i have the same problem, hatch only eat minerals on the floor. so now i dropped 40 tons of sedimentary rock
  12. seems like the problem is mandrake from the jungle planted near mandrake hut. after picking them as i was trying to move them manually the mandrakes were gone after i clicked on them in my main inventory.
  13. Shift+left click on mandrake in main inventory to quickly move them to backpack inventory causes crash.
  14. Black floor in house after reconnect

    how do you play for another day? spending your time in the dark house?