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  1. I'm slowly reaching my goals... this might turn out to be something big, but I'm taking things slow. My friend has been amazing helping me fix my sloppy code.


    Here's a quick progress pic. An adult and it's baby next to Wilson for size.
    Now I'm supposed to be all like "don't kill the children that's bad" but these things will beat you into the dirt should they group up so...

    1. Canis


      Maybe you could make their sprites more DST-like by removing the gradient, and thickening the lines? That is, if you care about that at the moment.

    2. -Variant


      I honestly want to, but I think at the moment I'm going to leave these 2 here.

      The rest of the creatures and objects have temp art right now, and I'll be learning and updating them in time. I guess functionality over looks currently.

      I really need to learn how to mimic DS's style, I'm really bad at it. I might do some scribble ins for the Headcrab's pit-tendom-things and try to figure out what to do with their shells.

      As for the lines, I'll see if I can thicken them, it's kind of hard to get the lines right because when you feel like they're thick enough when you put them in game and resize them it's not quite what it looks like. I'll seriously look into it though!