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  1. Swimmin' DST

    I feel like this is Klei's "forum request B'gone" spray. They knew it would happen.
  2. Wait what? I highly doubt they're all the same thing. Shouldn't it be a multi question for each character in this case? Or am I missing the point?
  3. Random Islands Generation

    Laptop, get back to Leo's basement. I agree, having islands would certainly liven up the Ocean, until they bring in more ocean content.
  4. You know, there's already a thread on this, you should look there to see how we all feel about this topic. To save the trip, no. Swimming Hounds aren't an issue, at all, you should be planning in this game, to be fair, it is an uncompromising Survival Horror game. You should plan for Hounds, and if they catch you off guard in the middle of the ocean, I say, it's time to fight or face the music!
  5. mutant suggestion: Uni-corn

    Why not morph this thread? Or make a new one for food themed mutants? I've got a few ideas of my own, after seeing some of the stuff here, and I think a thread for this stuff would be really cool! Not wanting to devolve from the threads current topic, that is.
  6. Dragonfly and Dragoons aren't fruits, though. Nevermind, just read that. Dragonfly is part Fly, part Dragon. But Dragoon is a real dragon.
  7. Dragonfly and Dragoon, though.
  8. YOU ACTUALLY GOT IT! I was wondering if you'd reply with that! Praise!
  9. Is there a way to find MY posts?
    I'm trying to make armor, but it's killing me, I made a post where some lad handed me a template to work off of, but I can't find said post, and last time I tried editing said mod, I corrupted legit everything I had.

    I would like to find said template again.

    1. Xedlord


      I think you can go in your profile and click on "See my activity"

      I'm not sure if that shows all your posts, but that's the best answer I have.

    2. -Variant


      Thank you! I shall check it out.

  10. All except 2 in there are unimplemented. That being the dig and walking animations. The rest, like running, aren't used.
  11. It's possible and has been done before, it it's really passing on the illegal road that Klei's laid out. You can't take skins and pass them around, or modify them, or any of that whatnot, but I don't think it's bad to simply look at them in Spriter. Using them elsewhere might be an issue, however.
  12. Wilson or someone in the cast better yell "So Long'a gay Bowser!" Or whatever it's final name will be when it dies. I suggested this somewhere else, but if this doesn't end up becoming a boss fight, I'd rather it come up as a new creature you can ride. Not beefalo ride, but boat ride. I'd love to have a base on a giant turtle. That'd be sick.