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  1. That's not a bug. That's a lack of a feature. No Lights =/= Only Night And there isn't a "No Lights" option for Shipwrecked.
  2. The blue dot is fairly close to the center, but it still seems to be quite a bit further from (0,0,0). The Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\save\ folder seems to be empty, so I attached the game's "remote" folder I found in Steam/userdata/... Hope that'll do. remote.rar
  3. I've been playing Shipwrecked and have been noticing a lot of buggy behavior with Ballphin Palaces and Ballphins. The red and blue dots seem to be spawners for herds of homeless ballphins. And yes, the blue one is on land for some reason. And I know the spawner is there cause it keeps spawning ballphins and there's an "empty" space where I can't build anything. (What I assume is the homeless ballphin spawner. No ballphins right now, but I've removed a lot of land-bounded ballphins with TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() in the past.) But the actual problem lies in the ballphins that spawn from the Ballphin Palaces. For some reason, a lot of them have a tendency to swim away from their homes. I tried following them a couple of times, and it appears they are heading to one of the homeless ballphin herds. Sometimes they follow (or try to follow) the yellow route towards the herd at the red dot. Others time they just get stuck swimming against the shore near their homes, but not actually going on land. After I discovered there was a land-bounded homeless ballphin spawner, I used my boat to push one of the ballphins that was swimming against the shore into the land and the ballphin immediately headed towards the blue dot. I'm assuming some of the homeless ballphin code is reused for the palace-spawned ballphins and it causes the latter to seek out herds of homeless ballphins, even if said herd is several screen away. And, of course, once the ballphins swim far enough, they become unloaded and thus never return to their homes, not even at dusk/night, unless you go find them and escort them back. (But they'll just leave again on the next day.) On top of that, I've been having trouble getting ballphins to mine coral for me. This is my coral farm. I've only tried to mine it twice and each time I've enlisted the help of the ballphins that have stayed near their houses instead of running away and the occassional homeless ballphin herd that spawns nearby. But they rarely if ever give me a hand with the mining. Last time I tried to do it, I was only able to get them to mine 3 of the leftmost 4 boulders. The other 17 I had to mine myself cause the ballphins just didn't seem to get the memo. They just swam happily back and forth while I mined the coral, but didn't actually help me. In fact, they didn't even seem to notice it. I could provide a save file if need be. (Just tell me where to find it.)
  4. Same here. I tried to follow them once or twice and it led me to a herd of homeless ballphins both times. What I've noticed so far: 1) The moment they come out of their houses at the day's start, they start swimming towards the general area of the homeless herd, which is located several screen away. Occasionally, it appears this gets them stuck swimming against a shore instead of going around it. 2) Once they go far away enough, they don't come back unless you go. If you find them and stay near there at dusk, they will start swimming towards their homes and will enter the house if you follow them all the way. (However, they will swim away again next day.) I think that's cause once you go too far, they are unloaded and they don't update. 3) The ballphins seem to be affected randomly by this bug. Currently, I have six ballphin palaces and 4 of them have been abandoned. Only 2 of the ballphins actually stay near their houses.
  5. I brought the game after the live update came out and I've been having the same problems. I recently built two ballphin palaces and the ballphins disappeared. There was no light at night or anything. I eventually managed to find one of them (at least it had the same name) swimming aimlessly in shallow ocean at the spot where Walani is on the map. The ballphin palaces are the pair in the center. I had another one earlier and the ballphins from it (I think it spawned 3) got stuck swimming against the shore. They didn't react even the crocodogs attacked. I ended up killing the ballphins just so it would spawn a functioning one, but that one seems to have gotten lost as well, so I hammered down the ballphin palace.) (Actually, maybe the ballphin I found was the one from the hammered down palace... which means the other 2 are still missing...)