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  1. I'm not able to sleep in the tent or siesta lean-to for the past 10-20 days.. Also, there has been no hound attack lately. I'm currently at Day 170.
  2. IOS: Shipwrecked Bugs

    The lag and crashing issue are now resolved with version 1.4.
  3. IOS: Shipwrecked Bugs

    Version 1.3 came out this morning but it didn't resolve the lag issue.
  4. IOS: Shipwrecked Bugs

    Guys, I received a response from klei support team: They are continually working on further optimization and performance tweaks for the game and we are hoping to have a patch/fix/update coming in the next couple of weeks.
  5. IOS: Shipwrecked Bugs

    Are you also getting a lag around your base?
  6. Reposting this thread in the bugs section. Lag/Stutter while playing Shipwrecked on IOS. The lagging stops as soon as I exit my base camp. Here is the video of the lag: I'm at day 45 and the game crashes every time I try to manually/auto save. It takes about 40-45 seconds to load a saved game. Save and quit also takes about 20-30 seconds. The game gets stuck/unresponsive for 5-10 seconds when autosaving. If I pinch to zoom in/out or rotate the screen clockwise/counter clockwise, the game gets stuck/unresponsive for 10-20 seconds. Battery saving mode is enabled but it's still consuming a lot of battery. Device: iPhone 6S OS: 10.2 Shipwrecked Version: 1.1