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  1. Hi! I killed bearger twice (online server) and it didn't give me the trophy.
  2. Hi! I'm having trouble to access the caves with a splitscreen game. We host an online server, and play local coop in it. When the two of us go down to the caves and shutdown the server being there, the next time we connect it crashs, only the host continues in the caves, but the second player screen keeps on the "loading" process, then appears a message of "player 2 left the game" and the screen keeps on loading forever. We tried dozens of times and it always crashs. We have to go to surface togheter to shutdown the game. If we don't, we lose the days we have played, and need to rollback to the day when we was on the surface before going down to the first time. The bug started after the New Reign update. Sorry about my english, it's not my first language.