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  1. Sculpting Lost Relics out of Stone

    lots of rain in my town this week, i dont think ill be able to continue for awhile, sorry
  2. Sculpting Lost Relics out of Stone

    Sculpt is back on!
  3. Sculpting Lost Relics out of Stone

    Update: Gonna have to push back the sculpt for awhile, a storm rolled in and its hard to chisel rocks outside when its pouring rain
  4. Sculpting Lost Relics out of Stone

    That does sound like a good idea, start with the easiest and work up from there. So in that case here's what'll do for now: Start with the Artifact Fragment (The Snout), then move to the Ancient Plaque, then to the Tempting Idol (The Smiling Pig One), then maybe to the Blue Sow
  5. Sculpting Lost Relics out of Stone

    The sculpt begins today! But which one should i do first? Any suggestions on which of the relics i should sculpt first?
  6. If you read the title, you know what this is about. So I recently got into stone carving and after a few days of practice, and getting some pretty good results a lightbulb appeared in my head: "Hey, I like Sculpting and Don't Starve, I'll sculpt something from it!" And so after a while of searching, I found the perfect things to sculpt, The Lost Pig Relics. They're relatively simple, but kinda complex, and they're actually made of simple rocks shown by wickerbottom saying that they're large sedimentary rocks, and so I'm gonna start doing that in my spare time. Tell me what ya think and I'll be posting regular updates on the sculpts.
  7. Aporkalypse Pog on Day 2

    It isnt aggressive, i think its only visual, although it was tamed when it changed and i left before the ally timer went out so idk
  8. I have no idea whats going on, it just simply changed to the aporkalypse version and i didnt notice til dusk but i think it happened when day 2 started All i did was go into a cave cleft for the night then come out with my pog idk what happened