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  1. Come on guys, stop freaking out about the Tencent purchase, this kind of thing has happened, happens and will continue to happen all the time. Chinese companies want to own/ participate in any lucrative business they have access to, they own a plethora of video game studios and nothing has happened to the games themselves. This was a business transaction, and Klei has the right to manage their business as they see fit. Just enjoying the amazing games and content they release, when they release it.
  2. I have some ideas to rework/rebalance winning to make her more interesting and not just a switch character: Winona QOL/ adjust: an interesting character who has struggle to find her true calling/ defining characteristic to make her truly appealing. And now she is the engineer/builder of the group. But still lacks some defining characteristics to make people want to keep playing with her, instead of just switching from her after building her unique crafts, so I think she needs a few changes to round her up. - It's a skilled builder: a few tweaks to make it more interesting. At 80-100% hunger she would have speed crafting like she does now (0,5 seconds per craft). At 50-79% hunger her crafting speed would be normal, but this lack of efficiency would cost her -5 sanity per craft. At 0-49% hunger, she would craft slower than normal, and this would depress her to the point of draining her sanity by -20 per craft. - Gets one free hit from the dark: stays the same - has a negative relation with fire: based on some of her quote lines, she hates fire and the destruction it causes it causes. So as a new down side for her, when structures (natural resources like trees or saplings don't count) caught fire near her, her sanity would drop by -10 a minute by each structure in flames (smoldering doesn't count). Burnt structures have a similar effect, so get rid of them quickly - Invents her own gadgets: here is where she should shine the most. Some of her gadgets need some improvement, and other gadgets to make her more appealing to other players. ~ trusty tape (1 silk + 3 cut grass): her defining craft, currently it works as a item for her other crafts and one use sewing kit, but cheaper and more resource efficient. It now can also be used to stop leaks on boats. I think it should get some new uses exclusive to Winona, like been able to repair armor, weapons and tools durability (non magical of course) with tape and then they would be given the "taped" tag. This would restore items to 100% once. Also, fixing things with her trusty tape would give her +5 sanity per taped item. ~ Gold wires (2 gold + 1 tape): this would be a new craft for her, and one of the new items to make/ improve some of her new crafts. As a bonus, it can also be used to fix broken clockworks. ~ Winona's road (2 cut stone + 2 gold wires + 2 boards): it a turf that work like cobblestones (gives same speed boost and has same priority placement) but also has the benefit of conducting electricity from both generators, allowing a single generator to power a higher area of devices. ~ Winona's Generator (1 tape + 2 logs + 2 nitre): works mostly the same, but changing the recipe to 2 gold wires + 2 boards + 2 nitre, also, you can turn it off to save energy (shown by unplugging one of the wires at the top). Now they atract lightning like lightning rods do, but will explode if hit it, so put a lightning rods around to protect from it. ~ Winona's G.E.M.eretor (1 tape + 2 boards + 2 electric doodad) works mostly the same, but changing the recipe to 3 gold wire + 2 boards + 2 electric doodad, also, you can turn it of by to save energy (shown by unplugging one of the wires at he top. Now they atract lightning like lightning rods do, but will explode if hit it, so put a lightning rods around to protect from it. ~ Winona's catapult (1 tape + 3 twigs + 15 rocks): an amazing structure, maybe too amazing actually. The only change I would make would be changing the recipe to 2 gears + 5 cut stone + 3 tape, to balance it out. Maybe even having to load the catapult with rocks stacks for them to work, 1 rocks = 5 shot, so a stack equals 200 shots. Not a bad deal huh? ~ Winona's spotlight (1 tape + 2 gold + 1 fireflies): let's face it, it's usefulness is quite limited since it only illuminates moving players. To change a little, first the recipe, now it's 1 lantern + 2 gold wires + 4 boards, second, the light radious includes the whole cone of light it produces. and third it would have two modes; stationary (you cold move it and keep it in a fix position) and lookout (similar to what it is now, but would iluminate the fastest moving mob/ entity outside of a certain area of itself). ~ Winona's lamppost (1 lantern + 2 gold wires + 3 twigs): a stationary light source, similar to glow caps, but neads a generator to power it. ~ Winona's paddlewheels (5 boards + 2 electric doodad + 5 tape) an item that can be installed on a boat to allow movement and quick turns. But carefull with crashing at full speed, it could destroy your boat in one hit.
  3. The prime DPS character. Can't be match at Mighty form. Is he way too OP? Yes, but it can be balanced out without taking this away from him. - Gets stronger with a full belly: His main mechanic and defining characteristic. Will stay mostly the same with his health changes and damage boost, but he will also retain his 1,25 speed boost, but only while his sanity is above 66%, to balance him out a little. His regular form and wimpy form will still work the same. As an added bonus, while in mighty form, he can carry heavy objects without a speed penalty. - Weapons can't take his Mightyness: weapons degrade 50% faster when he uses them in mighty form. This change is kind of a nerf, just for balance sake. - Is afraid of the dark and monsters...: At -1.1x sanity drain in the dark or around monsters, not quite a downside, after all you can defeat enemies twice as fast, and are exposed for a little over half the time to their insanity auras. So, it will increase to -2x sanity drain - ...and the sea, and lightning, and worm holes, and earthquakes...: as Mighty as he can be, he is riddled with a plethora of phobias. His sanity will drain while sailing across the sea, when lightning strikes or during earthquakes in the caves. Also will lose double the Sanity while using a wormhole/tentapilar hole (-30 sanity). - ...and the occult: Using magic items will also drain his sanity twice as fast or have double the penalty depending of the item. - He lifts to relax: He will be able to craft weights and dumbbells to improve his sanity and diminish his sanity lost. As a strong man, when he focus on building his body he forgets about the things that scare him. ~ Kettle bells set (1 cut stone + 1 rope): A weight to be carried on the go. If equiped in the hand slot, it will cut negative sanity auras by 75%. They also work for other survivors, but gives them a 0,75x speed penalty. ~ Plated dumbbells (4 cut stone + 4 twigs + 4 flint) 100 uses: A heavy weight designed for the mighty. It works like a heavy object (statues and others) so it will unequip whats in your hand slot and chest slot. By holding this dumbbell, your sanity drain will slow down by 95%, and you will do a lifting animation with it (like 1 every 2 seconds). Every completed lift will give you + 3 sanity back and cost one total use. Other survivors can also use them, and gain sanity, but every successful lift will cost them - 3 health. What do you guys think? Feedback is welcomed. =D
  4. Had the same problem, the retrofitting for this update is still bugged for now. The islands image will spawn over already existing sea stacks, but the game considera that the island is sea so you can't land on it, and the crab hermit will be nowhere to be found. Also, the circular formation of sea stacks for the crab king doesn't seem to spawn in retrofitting currently. Interestingly, while trying to retrofit the hermit island into the old world map, it seems to try to put it into the corners of the map.
  5. Antlion, toadstool and bee queen statues when?
  6. Info on the Reanimated Odd Skeleton: Health: 4000HP Damage: 100HP (Skull bash) Loot: 4-6x Fossil fragments, 2x Nightmare fuel, 1x Shadow atrium Rebuild an Odd Skeleton (8x Fossils fragments) and "give" it the Shadow Atrium. It wil walk slowly towards you, remove its Skull and hit you with it. Once half its life is gone, he will become enraged and summon bones spikes from the ground (no damage) to trap you in place, then get near you and skull bash you again, then the bone spikes will fade allowing you to get away, then he will summon them again and repeat all the sequence. It seams you can't escape been trap by the bone spikes (no modifiers), but maybe you can telepoof out of them. Does not take fire damage (Since It seems to be in fire already). Quite a cool looking boss. Kite it before he becomes enraged and tank it when he summon the bone spikes (forget trying to running). He also gives you the Shadow atrium back after you defeat it, but can't say the same about the fossil fragments (always less that what you expend), so I would suggest not using them yet, as his loot will be updated soon, and fossil fragments are not renewable (for now).
  7. Now that you mention it, I think it would be better to make him the "de facto" summer giant. He is already exclusive to summer, has a reasonable health (compared to other seasonal giants) and can be soloed or avoided if necessary. but I still wish the Antlion's Loot was more unique if you killed it. I still stand by my "solo Lazy desserter idea". The item you need to make it work could be a drop if you killed it. since the dessert stones are implied to be like hair balls/owl pellets (or something that's the result of feeding him),we could get a more refined version of it.
  8. Some information on the Antilion: Health: 6000HP Damage: 75 (Sand spikes) --> not completly sure Loot: 4x meat, 6-8x dessert stone*, 2-4x stone, 2x trinkets (may include "beach toy"), 1x "lazy desserter" blue prints + Any sand structures you manage to turn into glass (by seting them on fire) and survive the fight. *It can consume the stones (normal and dessert) in his loot table. Each one It consumes restores arround 200HP and he can eat them in rapid sucession. If if consumes them you will have less dessert stones or regular stones in your loot. It is quite an easy boss to defeat, 29 gunpowder + burn damage + a few swings of a dark sword end him quickly. Even without gunpowder It is quite easy to kite because It is stationary and his attacks are easy to dodge. I think it would be good if he could get more HP (like double or triple) and be able to move (or change positions) and make sink holes around the area, so you would be slowed down and make it harder to attack up close. Also give us a different blue print when we defeat It, like another structure that would allow us to teleport with the lazy desserter solo (What can I say? I Stand alone). Maybe a diferent lazy deserter which has another gem in its base, that teleport to another lazy deserter with the same type of gem. This teleportation could even cost an additional dessert stone to make it less OP.
  9. They will aggro them automatically. When they became shadow splumonkeys they attack everything in sight, but with the added bonus that they can't throw manure in their shadow form, so you are perfectly safe behind a wall.
  10. You can easily get Nightmare fuel and beard hair without going insane, just farm splumonkeys during the nightmare cycle. Step 1. Find the area near the ruins where the splumonkey pods are. Step 2. Make 4-5 Rock Lobsters follow you to that area. Step 3. Build a wall border style separating you from the splumonkey pod area, and let the Rock Lobsters trap on the Pod side. Also build a cool entrance to the other side. Step 4. Wait for the next Nightmare cycle to start and watch the shadow splumonkey a attack the Rock Lobsters and be annahilated in return. Step 5. When the massacre ends go to the other side and collect all the Nightmare fuel, Beard hair, Cave bananas, Morsels, Rot and Manure. If you build a base on the safe side of the wall, and with some extra resources, you will never have to leave the caves.