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  1. Why was this ignored lmao my 500 day world gone for nothing, this needs to be prevented in future.
  2. I don’t think it’s as if it’s stuck because there is no other tentacle that it can possibly lead to - but thanks for the obelisk tip I’ll definitely give that a try!
  3. I’m playing on PS4. I am trapped in the Atrium as when the tentacle there is killed, there is no option to jump through. I also couldn’t find an entrance tentacle, which forced me to use out-of-bounds to get there. However, I cannot get out now because it requires 2 people to go out-of-bounds on console.
  4. To clarify: I’m now stuck in the atrium with no way out
  5. Hi, yesterday I made a thread which I’ve now hidden asking how to get out-of-bounds as I could not find a tentacle to the atrium. I used a Lureplant with a friend as a last resort. I was looking forward to see where this hidden tentacle was, but when I killed the tentacle in the atrium, there was no option to jump through! So there is no tentacle leading there as I suspected.